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Modding Atlantic Fleet

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BotA savegame editing

C:\Users\Do335\AppData\LocalLow\Killerfish Games

kmcampaignInfo.dat - KM campaign

rncampaignInfo.dat - RN campaign

Open with hex editor of choice.

campaign turn: hex address 57e
campaign over: hex address 582
campaign renown: hex address 584
campaign merchant tonnage: hex address 5a8


Ship names expanded. Usable by player/AI in BotA.

Queen Elizabeth class: Ontario, Arcadia, Quebec

Revenge class: Resistence

Nelson class: Jellicoe, Beatty

Lion class: Conqueror, Thunderer, Vanguard

Admiral class: Invincible, Indefatigable, Queen Mary






Scharnhorst class: Prinz Adalbert, Yorck

Bismarck class: Schlieffen, Clausewitz

Hutten class: Hindenburg, Ludendorff


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maybe a dumb question: i opened the files with a hex editor, but how do i make changes? for instance, i would like to apply the changes like above, but also to allow german battleships from the beginning of bota...

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can you please explain this further? I'm trying to figure out how to edit the save files but I can't make head nor tails of this:





1. Where is Hex Address 57E?

2. If I find it, what value do I insert?

3. Do I need to unpack the .dat file?

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