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  1. If LAN worked... so you're telling me all the code was stripped out? And LAN will no longer work? NGL, I'd love to play multiplayer LAN, but...
  2. I mean mobile defences/clusters in general. Where would I go to change those?
  3. Does strike fighters 2 have a borderless window mode?
  4. also, where is sovietairbase1.ini?
  5. found it, thanks. What about mobile defences?
  6. hi there, I'd like to edit my installation's ini files for airfield air defences. Where would one find this?
  7. Do the "Multiplayer" sections in options.ini and mainscreen actually work or are they deprecated? I was hoping that I could hook the boys up to Hamachi and try a local LAN session.
  8. Hi guys, looking for a mod called "Dr Doyo's Soviet Numbers". Anyone know if they're still around? I couldn't find it through combatace. ALso, quick bonus question- I ahve a soviet overG effect installed and it's playing extremely fast- too fast, actually. How do I make it play normally? Right now it just sounds like a looped chipmunk :/
  9. I was recently messing around with tweaking and merging a massive install of SF2 that takes god knows how many mods and puts them together into one massive installation, and I had a thought. When you do this, generally, with larger mods, sounds such as engine sounds tend to not play. Does soundlist have an upper limit on how many sounds may be coded in at any one time?
  10. can you please explain this further? I'm trying to figure out how to edit the save files but I can't make head nor tails of this: Questions: 1. Where is Hex Address 57E? 2. If I find it, what value do I insert? 3. Do I need to unpack the .dat file?
  11. Adding Pylons...

    also, SC Brood War was the best back in the day. 10/10 would play again. Faith before fear.
  12. Adding Pylons...

    The links won't open. And that's why. Also, I deeeefinitely don't have 3ds access.
  13. SF2 A-4C(65) VA-113 'Stingers' Camo Skin Pack

    Been looking for a skin like this one for a while! Cheers, mate!
  14. sooo I read this thread earlier form the SFP1 database: and there's some sort of link there to something in the knowledge base. And I don't know if it'll work or not.. I want to do the exact same thing that the other guy wanted to do. Except with one added hitch: I also want to add a third IRM pylon below/above the other IRM pylons on the F-8. now, can someone please explain in simple language without any weird jargon-acronymmy thingamajigs to a guy who's completely, utterly new to modding how he can add pylons and things to these planes? Do I need to re-download blender? Can I use LODViewer instead? What code do I need to insert? What is the current name of that thread in the sfP1 knowledge base, and can I still use it? Is 42 really the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything? Sincerely Stormy
  15. SARCASM v 1.5

    Sorry for bumping this, but I just really wanted to thank you for adding this mod in mate- it really really really helps bring new flavour to a not-so-old game! Cheers, and if you're still working on SF2, keep up the bloody awesome work!

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