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This FM is for the Cocas/Wrench package available here:  https://combatace.com/files/file/16542-sf2-ww2-eto-p-47d-40-late/

This was quite an interesting FM to attempt. I didn't even know the late model P-47's had dive recovery flaps until I downloaded the package. The P-47 had good horsepower, especially with WEP,  but it was also heavy with a high wing loading. The Soviet turn time tests put it in the 26-28 sec range. This FM seems to be at the low end of the range. When dog fighting it seems best to keep the speed up above 200kts and avoid turning contests. Any break in the action presents a good opportunity to grab some altitude which will offer some potential energy prior to the next engagement.  If you dive down on targets at high speed the plane maneuvers quite well and you may have the option of a turn fight for a limited time.

Quite a few changes to power ratings during the P-47's WW2 service. For Battle of the Bulge FM's I'm looking for the best power output when using 100-130 grade fuel as the higher octane 100-150 was restricted to aircraft based in England until early 1945. There was a kit developed in early 1944 that boosted the WEP rating with 100-130 grade from about 2300hp to 2535hp, both ratings using water injection. I got confirmation of this power rating from an RAF Thunderbolt II flight manual. The kit was meant for aircraft operating outside of England so was probably meant mainly for MTO and PTO operations. P-47's in England got a different kit that I think was meant for the transition to 100-150 grade fuel.

Interestingly, from the speed charts I've been looking at, the earlier P-47's had higher speeds in the 30000ft range than the later versions. The later versions were faster up to about 25000ft so there may have been some changes to the turbocharger system as the P-47's were assigned more and more low level missions. With this FM you can expect max speeds of about 345mph at sea level and 435mph TAS at 25000ft.


DIVE RECOVERY FLAPS: Surprise! These were actually built into the model using an animation ID so the animation has been activated.  On the real plane they were designed to shift the wings center of pressure forward to aid recovery from high speed dives. I tried to add some aero coefficients to get them to work like the real ones but it didn't work so went with the same approach as the original FM. They just work like airbrakes but are handy if you ever encounter my "Generic Mach Tuck Effect".

INTERCOOLER DOORS: Another surprise animation ID, also activated. Not sure yet of the typical positions so I just set them up the same way Wrench did the cowl flaps.

WEP TIME: There was a 30gal alcohol/water tank that gave about 14min and 30sec of WEP. The Thunderbolt II manual said this was limited to 5 Min at a time but, like the BF-109G-10, you get the full duration.

ROLL RATES: From a couple of sources, max roll rate was about 90deg/sec at about 255 MPH. Still have to tune the low and high speed roll rates.


Some of the cowl flaps are visible when viewed from the front but not from the back.

A more realistic looking prop hub would be nice!  Also, maybe a couple of distance lods?  :please:


I've been getting a lot of frame rate issues in my WW2 install,  some of which is caused by effects. To help the situation the exhaust effect will be default off from now on. If desired, it can be activated by removing the double slash from the ExhaustEmitterName=//, in the engine section.

My main intention with these WW2 FM's is to build an EAW style flight sim. After putting up with the MomentOfInertia effects for quite awhile and using the trim work around I've had enough so will go with "default off" for that effect. I will include at least a token number for the inertia effect and will make sure it works in the right direction. Activation is the same as for the exhaust emitter. Flight simmers looking for torque, slip stream and P-factor type effects should buy a different game!

I have seen some definite errors in the ammo weights showing up in the load out screen. Occasionally,  the weight is double what it should be. On the plus side, the extra weight doesn't show up in game when using the hud de-bug mode so seems to be just a harmless glitch.

Here's the FM: P-47D40_DATA0.95.zip


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Some of the cowl flaps are visible when viewed from the front but not from the back.
need to check that I thought that fixed that...

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thank you! my FM is, at best, a hack job!!!

even I never knew about those unused animations!  (color me embarrased!)

p47 intercooler doors.jpg

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I found those animations at the last minute. After getting my wing shot off I noticed what looked like a dive flap hanging in mid air. Checked in Mues lod viewer and found the part then checked all the animation ID's. Bonus!

Some other stuff I should have mentioned. Due to some crash issues with other aircraft I didn't mess too much with the AI. The original AI seemed to work quite well for this plane and probably helps to keep the speed up. The higher speeds and heavier weights for the late war fighters will probably require some AI adjustments for the previously released Battle of the Bulge FM's.

Another "tricky" issue is the strafe AI. With wing mounted guns the AI fighters will miss ground targets with the bullets hitting on either side of the target. With the guns angled in to converge at about 300 meters it's possible to get hits but the planes must get quite close to the target exposing them to more ground fire.

The rocket AI I'm using for the P-47 rocket tubes also exposes the plane to a lot of ground fire. I might be able to get the rocket AI to work from longer ranges but I don't think the strafe AI can be adjusted to minimize the AAA threat.


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the 3-tube "bazooka" type launchers have always been problematic in game. They drop even more than HVARs or 60#ers.

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