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Hawker Hunters - Borneo Confrontation

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Hawker Hunter FGA.9 - No.20 and No. 28 Squadrons, RAF Far East Air Force, 1963-1966

The growing threat to Thailand, Cambodia and South Vietnam from nearby Communist states saw the deployment of the Hawker Hunter FGA.9's of No. 20 Squadron to the Far East Air Force in September 1961 followed by No.28 Squadron in July 1962. The Borneo Confrontation of 1963 saw this ground-attack wing deployed to Kuching and Labuan to commence offensive operations against Indonesian forces seeking to infiltrate across the Malaysia/Indonesia border on the island of Borneo.

The Commander of the Far East Air Force, Air Marshal Sir Hector McGregor, ordered the re-introduction of the wartime 'SEAC' markings to avoid any potential confusion with the Indonesian Air Force's red and white national markings. Both squadrons were successful in helping to repel the border incursions by the Indonesians, despite the difficult terrain, and stayed in theatre until the Borneo Confrontation was declared over in August 1966 eventually departing in January 1967 when No.28 Squadron was disbanded and No.20 Squadron returned to Tengah.









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15 minutes ago, dsawan said:

Any chance for an sf2 one?

Not for a few more weeks but a DIY conversion would take you a couple of minutes. 

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