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Hi all

Just after the best "bang for buck" SF2 version to buy for best compatibility with most mods/campaigns to get started.

Thanks in advance.

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This is a matter of personal taste. The best thing to buy is all of them. That guarantees as much compatibility as possible with all of the SF2 mods.

However, I understand the cost is prohibitive for an older game like this, especially for someone on a tight budget.

SF2 North Atlantic was the final game release. It is pretty cool, but has a very limited flyable plane set compared to older games. If you love the F-14 and the idea of recreating the Red Storm Rising battle around Keflavik, Iceland, this is the game for you.

SF2 Europe is probably the most popular and the most compatible with mods. The plane set is outstanding and with a single large addon, the final revision of NATO Fighters, it is absolutely the biggest and best of all versions.

But I am a historical re-creation nut. I don't want to make up new or alternate history like SF2 NA and SF2 E, I like to recreate history as is possible with SF2 Vietnam and SF2 Israel. It is a tossup as to which I prefer more. SF2 Vietnam has all of my favorite aircraft and includes carrier operations. SF 2 Israel has a much better looking stock terrain and includes more modern fighters like the F-15 and F-16 as well as Mirages and even old WW2 aircraft like the P-51D Mustang. Mods can make the SF2 Vietnam terrain look as well or better than SF2 Israel.

The original SF2 release that updated the original SFP1 with its fictional terrain and history has its own unique values: a pretty good plane set and a mercenary campaign that provided unique gameplay not possible with any of the other historical/hypothetical games.

If I could buy only one game, it would probably be SF2 Vietnam because of my love of all the aircraft used by both sides as well as the history of this war.

SF2 Israel would be my 2nd choice.

SF2 Europe my 3rd choice.

SF2 NA my 4th choice.

And finally, for its mercenary campaign system, plain vanilla SF2.

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From your stated preferences, I am guessing SF2 Europe is the one for you.

But study the stock plane sets (both player and AI) of all the releases before your decision is final. Most AI aircraft have mods available to make them flyable, many with dedicated cockpits. List the top 10 aircraft you like to fly from the late 40s to the early 80s and the game that has most or all of these will probably be the on that is best for you.

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Couldn't agree more with Streak's comments, at the very least have the base sim and Europe, however having all the titles and the DLC's is certainly worth while, as finances allow of course, First Eagles is a good 'un too if you can afford it, modded to the hilt as well.....Nato fighters is superb, as are Vietnam and the Israel campaigns, just buy the stuff slowly, as the sim is here for the duration I think, so there is no rush to get everything  NOW 


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