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3D object question

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I wanna know if that  patriot missile battery fires indefinitely or if it has limited ammo. When game generates it, it seems that there is no escape from it, no matter how low you fly or fast and it fires like a machinegun. Thank you.

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Every Patriot launcher has 4 missiles. The reason why this system fires at the same time missiles from every single launcher is the missile guidance. It is known that game engine is responsible for many bugs. In SF2 a SAM system equipped with active radar homing (or other type such as radio command) missiles acts like Patriot. During one engagement all launchers will fire against the target, so if you normally have 6 launchers, you will find yourself under attack by 6 Patriot missiles. That's the reason why Patriot is so deadly. You can drop many chaffs to evade a single missile but against 6, I guess kill probability is almost 100%. 

If you want to change that you must edit the launcher_data and limit the yaw values. By default you have this:


Change them to:


Now the system will normally fire 1-2 missiles instead of 6. 

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Thanks for the advice, I'll try your fix.

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