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and now, another back up reminder

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this one originated from recent experience

so there i was, three days of research on KC-135 units timelines in Excel. its beeee-yooo-teee-ful. a master list for 72 through 94 and 94 through now. start dates, stop dates, conversion dates and types. all bar graphed out. THEN i make a copy of hte master and can set up a visual representation of entry or exit dates for a given model. units getting lined up in order of whatever date i need (conversion to E, A retirement etc) All this so i can make one huge numbers list then control what the skin looks for in the textureset ini. again, bee yoo tee ful set up.

Guess which excel spreadsheet disappeared when my system shut itself down last night to update? sad part is i truly thought i had saved the damn thing


Back up your stuff folks. and verify that ya did

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Excel has a default option for auto save which should save your work automatically to a file that can be recovered, unless this option was turned off.

By default it should save work progress every 10 minutes here: C:\Users\[YourUserAccount]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\

Might wanna have a look to save yourself a lot of hassle.



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i turned it off awhile back for some reason. back on now, so long as nothing pops up to remind me why i killed that feature.

i usually save work after major changes, thats why it came as a suprise that this vanished. lets say the baseline column and row template with 5 units added that was left is considerably less than the 42 units for 1972 through 1994 alone

not the worst thing to happen, not the best

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