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Sometimes - you have to admit defeat...

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Man, I worked on this for hours last night. And now two hours this morning - and I'll be darned if I can't crack the code. I've been through the knowledge base (unfortunately some pictures are now missing from some of the posts I was referencing). Now, I know you guys would be able to fix this in about 30 seconds. Which makes it all the more embarrassing that I couldn't figure this out.

I'm trying to fly the Burning Sands campaign as a Mercenary, but using ValAstur's cool Desert Aggressors F-100D skin.

I've tried a million ways to Sunday trying to get it to show up in the campaign but I'm completely stumped. I know I'm probably only missing one line or character in my ini editing. Instead of me asking WHY what I'm doing ISN'T working..I'll ask a simpler question: How would you make that skin flyable in Burning Sands as a Merc? Your answer will be far less convoluted than what I just went through.. :stars:

As usual..many thanks for helping the blind squirrel toward the nut... :blind:


NEVERMIND!! I figured it out thanks to that excellent editing document posted just a few below my post here..!


I think what I was doing wrong was not changing the extracted campaign data name to something unique perhaps and so when I launched the campaign kept trying to load the default Burning Sands instead of the one I had modified...


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I think that we have all encountered defeat at some stage with a Mod or something beachav8r. So I know how it feels.

I speak personally of having tried unsuccessfully to get Soviet APEX missiles and French Matra R530  Air to Air missiles to show up in the SF1 Series game Wings over Europe even though they are present in the WEAPONDATA file and I can see the files and the skins. They don't appear in the loadout menu  and I just can't get them to load-up onto an aircraft. I have made every possible alteration I can think of to get them to appear but they just don't.   :dntknw:

So sadly I just gave up. :dntknw:

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Haha..yeah, it can be frustrating. What is somewhat unique about Strike Fighters is that there is (generally) a traceable path to follow that can sometimes help identify where you went wrong. But I can't tell you how frustrating it has been to have like six windows open..and then I can't remember what or if I edited in an ini..and I can't even remember which one I was supposed to be working with..LOL. Mad respect to those that can juggle all the brain teasers and that are so intimately familiar with how SF2 works.


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