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Korean war (and possibly SFP1) mission type bug

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First of all thanks foor the amazing Korean add-on

I think though I spottted a but, perhaps of the whole SFP1

Say for example the a-1h; in the data.ini file its roles are NOT air to air

In the campaign data file the mission chance number is set to 00 for air to air mission

If you elect to fly it in the campaign you actually don't get air to air missions types ; but, (funny) should you fly another plane you will see loads of times a-1h doing fighter sweeps and such! Is there a way to correct this? I noticed this also for f4u and f51

Plus the loadouts for many planes are very bizzare; used F80C to carry bombs on wingtips?

I also spotted bizzare loadouts on f-105D for the euro campaing; we might need a weapon loaudoout editor!

anyway thanks everyone, this game is brilliant, it is really the Fs2004 of combat sims

also, is there any campaign fort the ww2 euro? if only a battle of britain..

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That is an odd thing indeed, to be honest I am not sure why they are doing that. I am not getting that issue at all. Sounds like to me though that there is a file misplaced somewhere. Not much help, I know but is my best guess.

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