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Did a project a few years back for real pics for the stock loading screens instead of the ingame screenie of a Phantom. named them after what it was in the aircrafts ini and placed in the folders. but it didnt work. got distracted by other things at the time

so question is, should it work with the stock name given to the jpgs (ie A-4B_65_LoadingScreen.jpg) or should I rename the file and add a corrected aircraft ini?

not hard if the second option, just long and tedious across every. stock. plane. there is!

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A quick look in some stock plane inis showed that loading-screens are always referenced for stock planes as <name of plane>_loading.jpg (<name of plane> is the same as the foldername of the plane). TW just didn't put a separate picture in there. So if you put a picture in the plane's mainfolder, it should work.

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yeah, it does now after checking it out again. i know thats what should happen so I named all the images after the appropriate line in the aircraft inis.

for some reason it didnt work 3 (shocked when i saw that) years ago. it does today, so a little touch up and another small present is on its way this weekend. got reminded of it looking at Menrva's retro SF1 menus

thank you for the reply:drinks:


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