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  1. How do you get the cockpit windows in there? Thats a miracle to me... Although I'm using Blender, the principles are similar I guess. I tried simply cutting them in, but always end up with strange shadows and lighting issues around the windows.
  2. I'm just curious: Whats the deal with the canopy-glass? In the WIP it has a nice opacity, while the final product (which Spinners painted nicely, as seen in the what-if-board) has those strange white windows? My 2 cents: keep the original.
  3. Fictional Starship Size Comparison Video

    My favourites are the Starfury (Babylon 5) and of course the Planet Express Ship!
  4. Historical accurate TW F-8s with HighRez-skins are always welcome!
  5. Why not use the F-8D.lod for the C. Remove the IRST in the data.ini and its very close, I guess.
  6. Translation with google: I am running SF2 (full version) on Windows 10 but if everything works well I have a small PB, impossible to see the effects on the ground of the so-called Classic bombs. (Mk 81 83 etc) a setting can be? I am thinking of buying the Windows 10 version to remedy this. I don't know what "PB" is, maybe someone else knows, sorry.
  7. Yeah cancer sucks...I totally agree with you. My mother died unexpectedly 3 years ago within 6 weeks. She went by herself to the hospital just to check a partial loss of her voice and within 6 weeks, she died...never left hospital in between and was most of the time sleeping within those 6 weeks...so no way to say goodbye to her. 2 month later I got a disc prolapse... So yeah, probably not as bad as your situation, but like I said before....everyone has their cross to bear. Of course I agree with you about the easy way....everyone wants the most with spending as little energy as possible...thats nature... But in my opinion (which I made after "seeing your acting" in the boards now for a while and which you don't have to agree with) you want the easy way because everything else is to timeconsuming. You expect people to know exactly what you have in mind and where to find it and you want to know everything about a topic in a very short amount of time...even the tiniest bit of information, that maybe TK himself sometimes doesn't know. ;) To come back to your fake pylon "problem"*: Maybe you read what I wrote. Maybe not, so I repeat it again: "And to find a pylon...Try my A-4M mod. I think this one has single add-on pylons. Not sure though...." So, I just downloaded my mod, because I simply could not find it right know here. I unzipped it and here they are...there's even a centerline-pylon in the pilots-folder. This took not years or month. And even if you don't know about that mod, I'm sure they are others out there, that also don't take years to find. * within modding a "problem" for me is the task thats need a solution....probably not the right word for you, but it is, how it is.
  8. Seriously? How can I tell you where to find something, if I don't know? You may like it or not, few people fill the boards with a "Sorry, I don't know" if they don't. And for me thats fine...I like reading the boards without skipping thousands of "I don't know posts". I just browsed the weaponsfolder, found it, edited it and used it for a what-if. It's been years when I did this and it was just not important enough, that I saved every bit of info of it.... What on earth keeps you from just doing the same other than words words words and 5 million words because this and that? Afaik there are 2 big old weaponspacks out there (bunyaps?) and 2 weaponspacks of ravenclaw with a third one in the works. I think to remember that theres is also 1 weaponspack of TMF. These are all I know....to sum up: 6...in words SIX. And sorry to disappoint you...I simply don't know all weapons in all packs...probably nobody will. And I'm still sure, that 6 is something that one can handle in less then "months or years" and even with limited downloads. We just don't have to agree to each other and I sure we won't. I'm fine with that. People are willing to help here, just maybe not always the way you want/expect it. This here is a hobby for most people, please keep that in mind. P.S. You spoke of misinterpretation. English is not my first language and I'm far from perfect with it. I use words wrong and sometimes what I write will make no sense in english, when it's a phrase from another language. That's a common problem here, because people are from all over the world...
  9. I don't know you, so I am neutral towards you. If I would not like you, you would be on ignore or I really would not bother to answer. ;) I just not a fan of the way to "solve" things for you. Just do as you like.
  10. ...a small add: Another tip: STart thinking out of the box. For your pylon-"problem" - take something that has the general shape you need and repaint it. I once used some external chaff-dispenser as a pylon. Use mue's lod-viewer...it's easy as hell nowadays to look at models. And to find a pylon...Try my A-4M mod. I think this one has single add-on pylons. Not sure though....yeah, I don't even remember every detail on my own mods again.
  11. Well, I don't sit at home the whole day doing nothing....I have a job and a private life too. So I also don't have unlimited time. And in the evening I don't alsways want to spent hours to play around with SF2. That's why things last long to get to the finish these days. But that's ok. And saying, that you would lose months and years is nonsense in my eyes. After a short while you get an impression, where to look stuff at and you don't always have to search the entire database of CA every time. But you are absolutely right...I am really that stupid to search for something in weaponpacks or download stuff, with the hope to find, what I need. And yeah, sometimes (often?) I do not find what I need and "lost" time as you would call it. But in my eyes even when the result was not as expected, the time was not lost, as I had a view on other stuff besides searching and have an idea where to look at on the next problem. What you want is the short way... and if people answer your questions, you often do not accept the answer, for whatever reason. There are enough examples on the board. Maybe that are also reasons, why nobody bothers to sit there for an hour or 2 and create a pylon, just because UllyB wants one. You say you cannot learn blender. That's fine. Nobody has to. It is just 1 possible solution for your problem, though not the easy one you would like to have. "Have you thought of that?" - to be serious? No, and I have to say - I don't care. Why should I? You will have a reason and that is fine by me, because it was just 1 idea to solve your problem. Everyone has a reason for something and everyone has their cross to bear including you and me. "If I wanted to help you I would have given it to you the pylon on the spot (if I had it) or told you where to find it (if I knew it), and not lecturing you about your choices in life. IMO THAT is what I call HELP." ^ So to keep it simple. You expect others to exactly point out where to find the one solution that suits you in a second? Maybe others don't know, where to find a solution for the vision in your head. Have you thought of that? Look at your answer to the pylon you requested...still empty words...no meassurments or a general direction - draw something in paint, whatever ...it has to be slim...that's all I know. So why should I spent hours to just find out what you want, just to make something, that you request afterwards to be taller, smaller, whatever? Help people to help you....thats what I expect from someone, that requests something. Try something on your own, be polite and people will help you, but accept that maybe noone knows exactly and once in a while accept the answer you've been given. That's all I wanted to say. Have fun. Over and out. ;)
  12. A tip for you: The more info you give someone, you better the answer/work will be. In your case: The pylon you want may be 1m in length and 5cm in height or 30m in length and 30cm in height....both would be more or less slim. ;)
  13. Yeah I know, just pressed save to early...just edited it.

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