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  1. DCS Air to Air Refueling Attempt

    Grats! But the music....oh my....
  2. Cool idea and good luck! I would go for rivets. From looking at close-up pictures, the plane had lots of rivets. Make them small and with reduced visibility, so that they are more visible you closer you get. Have a look at my 4k-Skyhawk-Templates to see what I mean. If you need help, just say so. :)
  3. I can send you 4xx- modex decals, when I'm back home in the evening. Edit: I've seen, you managed the modex-issue, so nevermind.
  4. From my understanding using only the 3 last digits on the tailnumber could lead to confusion (86-0234 and 86-1234 would have the same tailnumber with only 3 digits). That might be a reason. Of course that applies only, if you acquire lots of planes in a fiscal year. I'm not that familiar with USAF. USN had their bureaunumbers and sometimes numbers were reserved for contracts, that were later canceled. The numbers were (often, maybe always) not reused. If that is the case in USAF too, then you would not need huge amounts of planes to get the scenario above. Lot's of guesswork from my side here.
  5. Some Scooters: VMA-225 Vagabonds H&MS-15 Angels (Detachment on USS Hornet - all 4 planes were named after "shady girls") "Mamie Stover" "Polly Adler" and "Ko Sisters" "Fanny Hill" VA-192 Worlds Famous Golden Dragons - Always amazing, what level of detail is still possible in SF2 -> ravenclaws great weapons! ...and a final "BOOM"
  6. Afaik there is none - you just can set up a maximum, not a minimum. I encountered the problem on another case. AGM-12 Bullpups - the small one (B) uses a rail (and therefore has a different position on the pylon), the big one (C) does not and there was no way to rule one out on a station since both are CGR. I ended up using a special weaponstation for just the big missile with a "specificstationcode="-entry for the station and created a copy of the weapon with that code. Not beautiful, but it worked.
  7. Live and let live. If he likes the design, why not. It's a what-if forum in the end...
  8. A-4C from VA-12 Flying Ubangis in 1970. The last A-4C in Vietnam (together with the ones from VA-172 on the same Carrier).
  9. Pepelevs favorite fitter

    You could use an available Fitter-model, deactivate the swingwings and add some pylons and stuff via fakepilot. Seems to be not to complicated from a first view.
  10. That sounds awful. Sorry to hear that. Alternate is a webshop I can recommend for your next shopping. Never had any problem with returning an item. I once bought a SSD, that died after 2 days and I got another one without any porblems. That one died too after 3 days due to some sort of incompatibility and even for that one I got a replacement (which I used in another PC and it worked well then).
  11. Thats true, but for that we need either TK or someone to play with the code. 😉 And up until know he has shown little interest...no options are few.
  12. Although I welcome further developement of SF2, this "Project" is still somewhat shady to me. It seems that the 25k is just for new DirectX-Support. I don't have a clue about VR or that stuff, that maybe needs that Support, but I doubt that the vast majority is using it. I think I will spend some money, but I think there are things more important to take care of, than VR-Support, as the game runs well on W10 already and the engine will still be limited as it was. I also agree with Spinners on the F-14/Mirage F1 bit. I remember a poll, where the aircraft was asked, that Exp.3 should be centrred around and the F1 won. Shortly after that, there was info on a F1 from the community. I always asked myself why TK should invest more money in Exp.3 and a new model then. Lately the 2 new Tu-160 models are an equal situation, although not involving TK. I also do not fully agree with the "let modders handle models" theory. One thing for sure we have very talented modders here and I admire their skills! But there are many limitations: number and free time of modders, personal interest to name 3. And so I always welcome any additional models from other sources, than CA-modders. I'd rather have 3 models, that are 85% accurate, than 1 that is 99%. See it that way...in the first case, you leave room for other people to start modding or improve their skills in modding, trying to make a good model better. Although it is much easier today to add models to SF2 through mue's Blender-Exporter (again and again a big Thanks!!!), it is still difficult to "just" make a new plane. I have started several and I lack the skills here and there to find a solution for some problems of modelmaking. To make a long story short. TK gets some money, although I'm not really convinced
  13. DecalNumberBlockSize is the amount of Numbers used (--> numbers.lst) If you have decals for 10 planes, you can use DecalNumberStart= 0 to ...End=9. Blocksize would be 10. Same as for 30 to 39 for example. You can not select single numbers spread on the list though (for example 2,6,10,45, etc.)....just following numbers. And you can use the same numbers.lst-file for different skins and use just sections of numbers from it (0 to 9 for Skin/Plane1, 10 to 19 for Skin/Plane2, etc.) I've used it on the Kuwaiti Skyhawks for example (1 list and 1 folder for decals for both A-4 and TA-4)
  14. Here's my way to do decals (I'm sure there are easier ways out there): 1. Create new picture 2. Make a new layer for your decal (Blue Circle in this case) 3. Hold CTRL and left-click on the Pencil-Square-thing on the decal-layer of the layers-tab to select the decal-shape 4. Go to channels tab and left-click on the rectangle with the hole inside at the tabs bottom to save the selection as alpha-channel 5. Select the Alpha-channel (all other channels are not visible then --> eye-symbol only on alpha-channel). The Decal is all white (hex #ffffff), that means the decal has 0% transparency. If it is all black (hex #000000) like the background, than it is 100% transparent. All you have to do is to adjust the "color" of your decal. Select a foreground-color (to get a similar blackish tone like TK, I use color hex#d6d6d6, that has a slight transparency) and use "Edit->Fill..." from the menus, select in the "Fill"-window "foreground color", normal and 100% and hit ok. The Decals color on alpha-channel should change now (but not on the color-channels). Save as .tga and make sure "Alpha-Channels" is selected. The key to transparent decals is the color of your decal on the alpha-channel...black = 100% transparent, white = 0% transparent/opaque. grey-tones are in between, the darker - the more transparent 6. Thats it! You have to do more steps to get a transparent decal in PS than in gimp and afaik tgas from PS always (must) have a background. But the steps above can be used in "Actions". These are makros, where you can record the above steps and just hit "play" to do a new decal - nice and easy. Set it up properly once and make things easier for you in the future.

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