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  1. Drones ;) AQM-37A Jayhawk Targetdrones Just a little sideproject to keep me motivated. AQM-37-model made by me with Blender. Inspired by > this < picture.
  2. Please reduce the size of your text to a usual level. Thanks.
  3. Scooters

    It's dark green, yes. That one is done already...see above.
  4. Scooters

    Thanks for that info! I just found some info, that around 1969 some colors were changed (for example 700 to insignia blue). But I found nothing, what the rule was before 1969.
  5. Scooters

    Does anyone have a goodsized picture of the Snake on the tail of VA-86 (1965 on USS Independence)? Drawing of VA-86s A-4E, 1967 A small update with some new skins: VA-34 Blue Blasters, 5/1967 - 12/1967, USS Intrepid, A-4C VA-36 Roadrunners, 10/1965 - 6/1966, USS Enterprise, A-4C Squadroncolor on this one is a guess, as I found only 1 color-picture with (the tailstripe not visible). The roadrunner may also be black instead of blue. Nothing for rivetcounters. VA-36 Roadrunners, 6/1968 - 2/1969, USS Intrepid, A-4C VA-23 Black Knights, 3/1965 - 11/1965, USS Midway, A-4E VA-23 Black Knights, 7/1966 - 2/1967, USS Coral Sea, A-4E CAG: Line: Have fun! (82 Skins done, 53 Skins to do)
  6. Scooters

    My brain is simply to small to keep all the infos and details. Even with the spreadsheet things get lost sometimes. You should never get old!
  7. Scooters

    Thanks for the kind words. Seems like, theres still some interest in those skins. You'll need patience though...as you can see, there's still enough to do. Hangarscreens and stuff like that are also still missing for many skins. Green = Skin ready Dark Green = same Skin for 2 variants needed (for the faulty SF2 upgrade-function in campaigns -> only plane OR skin can be upgraded) Blue = 2 Skins for 1 deployment (gray + camo) Orange = older skin in lower resolution has to be reworked. White = not done yet. Nevertheless, I just found some more skins in a backup: VMA-214 Black Sheep, 6/1965 - 2/1966, Chu Lai AB, A-4C VMA-214 Black Sheep, 3/1966 - 4/1967, Chu Lai AB, A-4C VMA-223 Det. T Bulldogs, 10/1964 - 5/1965, USS Yorktown, A-4C VA-56 Champions, 11/1966 - 7/1967, USS Enterprise, A-4C VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 10/1964 - 5/1965, USS Hancock, A-4E
  8. I finally continued my long term project - Skins for all A-4 Skyhawk squadrons/deployments in Vietnam. New skins aswell as a rework of my older (lower resolution) skins will be included. Have fun! Some progress: VA-15 Valions, 4/1966 - 11/1966, USS Intrepid, A-4B CAG: Line: VA-95 Green Lizards, 4/1966 - 11/1966, USS Intrepid, A-4B VA-153 Det. R Blue Tail Flies, 6/1964 - 12/1964, USS Kearsarge, A-4B VA-12 Flying Ubangis, 3/1970 - 12/1970, USS Shangri-La, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 3/1965 - 11/1965, USS Midway, A-4C VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 6/1966 - 2/1967, USS Coral Sea, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 11/1967 - 5/1968, USS Ranger, A-4C VA-76 Spirits, 1/1967 - 8/1967, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-172 Blue Bolts, 6/1966 - 2/1967, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-172 Blue Bolts, 3/1970 - 12/1970, USS Shangri-La, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-195 Dambusters, 1/1964 - 11/1964, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 4/1965 - 1/1966, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 11/1966 - 5/1967, USS Ticonderoga, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 12/1967 - 8/1968, USS Ticonderoga, A-4C H&MS-15 Det. N Angels, 8/1965 - 3/1966, USS Hornet, A-4C "Fanny Hill" "Ko Sisters" VA-113 Stingers, 1/1968 - 7/1968, USS Enterprise, A-4F VA-93 Blue Blazers, 1/1968 - 10/1968, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4F CAG: Line: VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers, 10/1965 - 7/1966, Chu Lai AB, A-4E VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 1/1968 - 10/1968, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 8/1969 - 4/1970, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 10/1970 - 6/1971, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 1/1972 - 10/1972, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-192 (Worlds Famous) Golden Dragons, 1/1964 - 11/1964, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-106 Gladiators, 6/1968 - 2/1969, USS Intrepid, A-4E to be continiued...

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!
  10. SU 34

    Nothing done for this community, but "wanting" stuff badly... That's the spirit.
  11. Hey Andy, thats bad...sorry to hear that. But good to see, that you're fine. I hope you're get some free days around X-mas.
  12. Then stop talking on what has to be and what the reality is like and start changing the hell out of SF2 to your liking. But keep in mind: this will include trial and error and other timeconsuming parts on your end. I just mention this, because thats the part many "talkers" didn't want to see in the near past...
  13. Skyhawk revival? a Tomcat and a Dambuster

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