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  1. Now what? Are you making one? Are you requesting one? Are you just posting a general overviewmap of the region? Feel free to write a few more words...it just makes it much easier for all of us.
  2. A-4PTM_85_COCKPIT.INI Look at the cockpit.ini from my A-4PTM-Mod. All the stuff named "MOVE..." is moved from their original position. You can move one axis at a time. So if you need 2 axis, just copy/paste the same entry again and change the axis and values. "MOVE....X" means moved in X-direction. "...rX" means rotated around X-axis and so on. I hope that helps. If you need help, just say so. Edit: I recommend loading the cockpit.lod in LOD-viewer to find the proper nodesnames.
  3. Decals

    I don't know, how to map or animate stuff in Max...so no comparison possible for me, sorry. My Impression of mapping in Blender is, that it's no rocket-science to map parts. But it can be hard work to get complex parts unwrapped the way you like, but I guess, that is a general problem and not blender-specific. I've started to play around with Blender again after some break (and started a new plane...as always...N-102 Fang this time) and it is fun again and one can learn new stuff every day. I hope to someday find solutions for every problems I encounter within the modelling and finish a plane. Everyone should at least once try to build something and see how difficult modelling easy looking things can be.
  4. Decals

    Just hold Middle Mouse Button and rotate like you've never rotated before.
  5. Decals

    As for tutorials (to learn Blender): I lately found a very good modelling-tutorial about creating an anvil from start to finish (incl. texturing) from a guy named "Blender Guru". This is an intermediate tutorial, but there is also a beginners tutorial (which I have not watched yet, though). I really like his way to explain things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi87Dap_WOc&list=PLjEaoINr3zgHJVJF3T3CFUAZ6z11jKg6a&t=0s Maybe this encourages more people to learn blender.
  6. Well, afaik TK is doing exactly what he said he would do...making SF2 to official support Win10...no other extras or fixes... So I don't know what you guys expect? It will probably be the SF2 as we know it, that official supports Win10...
  7. Exactly. You can export anything to a LOD, but you cannot import a LOD into Blender (or 3DMax or whatever)
  8. Here's a quick installation guide: 1. Start Blender 2. In the Menutab go to "File", then "User Preferences", then "Add-Ons". 3. In the "Add-On"-Window click on "Install Add-On from File..." on the bottom and select the Add-On-File "io_export_sf2_lod.py" 4. Select Support-Level "Testing" and you should see "Import-Export: Strike Fighters 2 LOD Exporter". Check it 5. In the Menutab under "File"->"Export" you should see "Strike Fighters 2 LOD (.lod)". That's it.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. You can use the colorpicker on the above referencephoto in the fuselage-area between the stab and the wing (no shadows or direct sun) to pick the color. Then you can further adjust, but you have the general color and can go from there. Maybe that helps.
  11. Thanks guys! I clean up everything regularly to remove leftover or double vertices - a very good hint in general! The solution was simple - I moved the vertex on the red stripe a tiny bit aft and it was smoothed again and then I did the same with the vertex on slat to line everything up again.
  12. Hey there, for some time I'm trying to learn Blender to finally create own models one day. While some things are quite easy to achieve, others give me headache... So are there others around, that play around with Blender and try to be creative? ;) Maybe we can share our knowledge and help each other out with tips, hints and so on. A first problem, that I'm fiddling with atm and that I don't really get: Wing was smoothed and Autosmooth is set to 60°. After cutting the Slats out, the leading edge of the slat is still smoothed, while the wings leading edge isn't anymore. What can I do, to get rid of this?
  13. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Nice one! I'm really looking forward to that (and maybe new models of some other variants aswell). I once started a TA-4F in blender, but since I lack the skills, I could not proceed very well. If you're interested I can send, what I have...maybe it can save you some time.
  14. DCS Air to Air Refueling Attempt

    Grats! But the music....oh my....
  15. Cool idea and good luck! I would go for rivets. From looking at close-up pictures, the plane had lots of rivets. Make them small and with reduced visibility, so that they are more visible you closer you get. Have a look at my 4k-Skyhawk-Templates to see what I mean. If you need help, just say so. :)

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