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  1. LODViewer

    Absolutely amazing. Thanks mate, this tool is priceless!
  2. I guess, the wingtanks are not jettisonable, so they stay were they are.
  3. Su-9 Fishpot (not Su-11, as those had only 2 missiles, afaik)
  4. Maybe one of the "tacan" has a space after or in front of the name (--> "tacan " or " tacan" or " tacan ")? I think it is not possible to name 2 meshes with the exact same name, so there has to be a difference. Not having the Nesher available at the moment, so I cannot have a look myself.
  5. When I look at the nose I would say Pinocchio or a close relative.
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread. Small correction: the "Bottom_Thing" is the fuelvent + fueldump (the larger part is the dump and was also not there from the beginning of A-4B-production). Meshname for the Radar-Altimeter is "Rightwing-skid" - the naming is equally strange though.
  7. Jaguar GR.1A or GR.3. Don't know, if there are visible differences.
  8. To add some useless Information: The first few A4D-2 (A-4B) also had no refueling probe initially and the Radar altimeter under the left outer wing (barely visible in the picture) came with the A4D-2N (A-4C).
  9. The bucket (Füllwerkzeug) is grouped together with the Gradient-tool (Verlaufswerkzeug in german) in newer versions. Edit: You can also arrange the menu according to your needs and have it ungrouped in newer versions.
  10. I'd say early F-4M Phantom FGR.2.
  11. I think your case isn't covered in the game. You can exclude weapons from a station that have more weight, are of larger diameter or are longer than... But you cannot exclude the other end (weapons, that are lighter than..., shorter than..., etc.). A separate weaponstation with specificstationcode-weapons could be one way out of this.
  12. I use the current Photoshop CC through a yearly subscription. Theres some sort of Photographers-Package bundled with Adobe Lightroom for 12EUR/Month. Photoshop alone would be more expensive. I also have Photoshop CS3 installed for some older PlugIns, that don't work on CC or PS 64bit. Afaik the "free" CS2 was intended to be free only for people, that bought a current version. Nevertheless, my CS3 was also "free" somehow...
  13. ^--- Make this some sort of "Welcome"- or "Must read"-post here

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