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  1. Looks interesting. Too bad we need the 3D-files for the cockpit, though.
  2. Good to see more people starting to play around with Blender. I learn it myself mostly by trial-and-error. Doing smaller objects and fakepilot-parts has helped me a lot to learn basic things of 3D-modelling and it was and often enough still is a big struggle to get things the way I want them to be. Finding helpful tips and shortcuts to functions was a big help and makes life _a lot_ easier, when you know them. So here are some things and infos that maybe help you guys, that are complete noobs in 3D-business, like myself: Feel free to add more tips, hint and useful infos. They are always welcome! Tips: - set units to metric in your project, so you can see actual measurements of your objects. - useful tools from the tools-section include * subdivide -> split edge or face in 2 or more sections * loop cut and slide -> have a cube and cut it into 2 parts along a loop, you can then slide the cut along the object - remove double vertices: when editing stuff, you sometimes get 2 vertices that are on top of each other. Those should be removed, as they affect shading and other stuff. When in edit-mode, in 3D-view-window, select "Mesh"->"Clean Up"->"Remove Doubles". Mapping: - recalculate normals -> blender tries to find the correct direction of faces (inside/outside). Flipped faces may result in visible holes. - smooth your objects to get rid of hard edges --> "Shading/UVs" in leftside menu of 3D-view-window --> smooth faces, edges, vertices - if a vertex/edges/face does not need to be smoothed, select it and hit flat/sharp/sharp - i recommend also enable autosmooth: properties-window (right side bottom) -> select the triangle-icon and under "normals" select autosmooth and an angle (60° works mostly for me, but sometimes have to be adjusted) - unwrap-menu->unwrap: works best, if you have marked seams on your model. marked seams are the edges, the model will be cut to get the 2d mapping of your 3d object. - unwrap-menu->project from view: works best for complex objects. Attention though: if you do this for example for a cube, the top and bottom-surfaces are just a line in your 3d-view, as those face are rotated 90° to your view. the mapping of those areas is stretched in your final object and can lead to visual distortions. Shortcuts: - Numlock 1 : front view - CTRL + Numlock 1 : back view - Numlock 2 : rotate view horizontal in steps in one direction - Numlock 3 : left view - CTRL + Numlock 3 : right view - Numlock 4 : rotate view vertical in steps in one direction - Numlock 5 : View changed between Orthographic-view (like Drawings) and Perspective view (like Photos) - Numlock 6 : rotate view vertical in steps in opposite direction as "4" - Numlock 7 : top view - CTRL + Numlock 7 : Bottom view - Numlock 8 : rotate view horizontal in steps in the opposite direction as "2" editing (if the key is followed by x, y or z it only affects the according axis. you can also give a value by typing in 2.0 for example): - TAB : changes between Object- and Edit-mode - Shift + s : set cursor to a certain location or move selection to cursor --> useful for scaling, etc. - a : select everything (in edit-mode: vertices/edges/faces, in object-mode: objects) - e : extrude selection --> for example start with a circle and extrude it to get cylinder - s : scaling, "s x 2.0" for example means you scale up the x-axis of your object by factor 2.0 - g : select a vertex, edge or face and move it. - r : rotate --> you should set the cursor with "Shift + s" to set the center of your rotation - CTRL + SHIFT + b : create rounded corners from a vertex or edge. mousewheel changes number of segments ...to be continued...
  3. When in Object-mode all 3 scale values of an object should always be 1.0. You can scale your object in edit-mode to the proper size (s key optional followed by x,y or z for the axis) It also helped me to set the units used to metric. So you always know how tall or long something is.
  4. I also have an updated A-4KU/TA-4KU in the works. Although probably mostly optical updated.
  5. As expected, the fault was on my end. It works now as intended! Let me thank you again mue...this Exporter is a HUGE timesaver for me! If we ever get a "Modders Walk of Fame", you are the first one to get a star!
  6. Maybe I should just release what I have done so far, rather than trying to finish all skins for the next 5 years. :) new VA-46 Clansmen.
  7. Great work! v0.2 works like a charm. Just tested some Fakepilot-stuff. Just to understand stuff correct: At the moment the Material of the parent-object is the only material that is exported? So a child-object gets the same material as the parent? Or is it 1 material per object? I seem to get the first case, but I'm not sure, if I did everything correct ;)
  8. I'm still getting the following errors. Google doesn't really help here. *shrugs* I started a new test with a Cube. Cube has scale 1.0, has UV-mapping, has a material, has BM (squares in the picture), has SM (set up, but not visible?). Testfile is attached. Blender version 2.79, 64bit used. ExporterTest_Cube.7z
  9. Wow, this is awesome. Good job! I will run some tests later that day, when I have more time. A quick test I just run, got several errors and no loadable lod, but I'm pretty sure the fault was on my end, as I'm not that familiar with setting up materials/bump-/specmaps etc. I will also use some simple object then. :)
  10. So what shows are you hooked on?

    Vikings - started it some time ago, but discontinued watching it. On second try i was hooked. Great actors, characters and an interesting story! Supernatural - My cousin told me to watch it and it is good, reminds me always a bit on Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 - although older and canceled after 5th season, it's one of my favorite TV series. The characters are amazing. Not currently on Amazon Prime anymore. Sherlock - the new one from BBC, with B. Cumberbatch and M. Freeman. Another of my favorite shows. Not currently on Amazon Prime though.
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