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  1. All A-4E-based Cockpits are repainted and have updated inis (all E, F, G, H, K). A-4A to C and L are still missing. I started work on the B though.
  2. Landed on the wrong carrier

    There are several similar pics on the net. If someone landed on the wrong carrier, the plane was "decorated" in special ways. ;)
  3. I don't know if SF2 alone is enough - trial and error here I guess. I just reinstall all games, delete the clean stuff in the directories and copy the old modded stuff in those directories. You only need options.ini and versions.ini in the users-directory at c:, everything else therein can be deleted, if you move the mod-folder to another location.
  4. You can do a clean install of all SF2 games to a directory you want, start them once after that to let them create the files in the user-folder. Then change the options.ini to your needs. All other stuff (except versions.ini) in the users-dir can be deleted then. Then copy your modded stuff then to the directory you named in the options.ini.
  5. nice work! you've got a spelling error on the mentioned sticker - greather - get rid of the "h" and another 2 in the second to last one - befor --> before, and separaded --> separated sorry for nitpicking
  6. The Sticker says: "WARNING HERMETICALLY SEALED UNIT DO NOT SUBJECT TO PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL GREATER THAN 15 PSI" Here's the template for the old Walleye model I once did. Maybe it helps a bit. Template_WalleyeI_NF.7z
  7. Here you go, repainted LAU-7-Rail Have Fun! LAU-7_A4K.7z
  8. Your tga seems to be fine. It works perfectly as a decal on a plane - only the tower is visible. Pure guesswork here: Maybe tgas (or transperency of tgas) do not work as texture-file on a 3d-model?
  9. A quick look in some stock plane inis showed that loading-screens are always referenced for stock planes as <name of plane>_loading.jpg (<name of plane> is the same as the foldername of the plane). TW just didn't put a separate picture in there. So if you put a picture in the plane's mainfolder, it should work.
  10. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    Probably a typo or something like this on your side. This works also for the Israeli-Skyhawks. Check if you changed exported=true and the according export-years for both pods.
  11. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    Thanks a lot! Nice work.

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