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Modding out Extreme Roll from Rudders

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I'm flying the CF-5A, but I find the rudder to be strange in how it effects the aircraft.  The behavior I'm not liking is that applying any rudder causes extreme roll and only the slightest bit of yaw. I remember having the same problem when I was flying the CF-5A  for WoV, but I found the correct setting in an INI file that allowed me to change the value. Unfortunately I've lost the source for the  correct setting. I believe I still have the modded INI on the gaming drive I used when playing WoV, so if someone could point me to the correct setting I should be able to determine what I set it to

If someone could point me to the correct INI and setting for this, it'd be much appreciated.

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You may [or maybe not] want to check out the CF-5A FM I did for the Paulopanz CF-5A package. You can get the FM here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/88852-cf-5a_72-fm-beta-095/?tab=comments#comment-717562

There are quite a few data entries that can affect the roll response to rudder inputs but you can "probably" get what you want by playing around with the CLDC entry in the rudder section of the FM. Here's the data from my CF-5A FM with some info describing the various entries:

CDdc=0.0261..............Drag due to control surface deflection
Cydc=0.0662..............Side force due to control surface deflection
Cldc=0.006...............Roll moment due to control surface deflection
Cndc=-0.0441.............Yaw moment due to control surface deflection

When I did the FM I had access to a CF-5A flight manual and IIRC the type generated positive roll response [left rudder/left roll and vice versa] at positive AoA and the opposite at negative AoA.  Typically for most types, the positive roll response would increase as the AoA was increased.

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Thanks for the link and info baffmeister, I'll try you flight model.  I did copy over my CF-5A folder from my old WoE NF4 install to a temp location - remember tinkering with values based on suggestions here and arriving at something that seemed correct.  The settings you posted look familiar, so it may very well have been one or a few of those. I'll definitely try your FM first though, as that'll no doubt expedite the process most.

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