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BUFF loadouts (or how can work around the station limits and carry 24 bombs)

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so, Im trying to get multilple loadout options up on the B-52G. currently it features the HSAB pylon built into the model, which holds 9 bombs each (and hold the CALCMs in game with different attachment coordinates). I am maxed out on 32 station IDs getting the front batch of CALCMs seperate from the back batch (Senior Suprise mission a/c only carried 39 weapons across 7 a/c)

what i am trying to do is incorporate gbreuders loadouts featuring external MERs (4 stations needed to open up) as well as a "gunpod" or "fuel tank" pylon to add in the AGM-28 pylons (2 more station IDs needed to be opened up)

can the external stations be grouped similar to how the bomb bay stations are grouped? and how would i get around the different attachment angles?

here is the B-52G_89 data.ini that I am trying to adjust B-52G_89_DATA - Copy.7z

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Don't know if this will help you.

It's a D and F model. 

I'd used gbreuders' loadouts with MERs but had to readjust pylon/MER and bomb positions on the F model.

I readjusted the D models Bombay positions to hold the common  Mk82 500 pounders.

I used the KISS rule with these bombers.

Hope it helps.




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UPDATE: got it figured out, after observing the bomb positions on the HSAB were jacked up, and reduced the amount of weapon stations in use. So I'm proceeding with adding the MERs and AGM28 pylons


@Geary: thank you for the response, but as noted i got the specific issue (reducing number of weapon stations used) resolved. HOWEVER.....

working alot of old SAC units between tankers and BUFFs. if you have anything such going on, lemme know and i'll hook you up with some wing decals for the noses. not personally as interested in the older NM era, but still irked on the two SAC badges on every skin (and of course able to do a little bit about it

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Nice work on the big birds.

I'm primarily interested in Korea and Vietnam so the BUFFs I need/use are for Vietnam.


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