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Aviation Ration SEEK/SERE + Pilot MRE Reviews.

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Given all of the military and aviation buffs here I thought I should share these reviews of various military pilot survival gear/escape and evasion kits that I found. Below the inserted videos are links to a number of additional aviation food rations reviews sorted in chronological order by ration date when possible. Enjoy!

Navy & Airforce Survival Rations & Pilots Kit MRE Review Emergency Food Bars Bail Out Liferaft

1944 USN M-592 Pilot Survival Kit Navy Ration MRE Taste Test Vintage Gadgets + Fishing Kit in a Can

1967 Vietnam Era Pilot Survival Escape Evasion Kit SEEK Test Fire Emergency Pen Flare Gun (Not MRE)

2013 USAF Survival Evasion Resistance Escape Pilot Kits Review SERE Medical & General (Not MRE)


1943 WW2 British RAF Emergency Flying Ration MK 2 Military Survival MRE Food Review Time Capsule

1943 AAF Parachute Ration Survival MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Tasting Test Oldest Emergency Food K

1944 US Army Air Force Air Crew Lunch MRE Review Pilot Ration Vintage Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

1944 WW2 AAF Emergency Parachute Ration MRE Review Survival K Pilot War Candy Cigarette Oldest Food

1945 British Royal Navy Naval Action Ration Pilot Survival Vintage MRE Candy Taste Test Review

1940-1945 WW2 AAF Life Raft Ration MRE US Military Food Review Army Air Force Charms Candy Americana

1950 Food Packet Survival Tropic 2 Ration Korean War Pilot MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

1952 Food Packet Survival Tropic ST-3 Korean War Era Emergency MRE Military Ration Review

1955 Royal Canadian Air Force Food Packet Survival MRE Review Emergency Ration Meal Ready to Eat

1956 LA Food Packet Abandon Aircraft Survival Ration Oldest 60 Year Charms Eaten War Candy Life Raft

1950-60s British Royal Air Force Emergency Flying Ration MK4 Pilots Survival Candy MRE Taste Test

Vietnam War Airforce Survival Rations & Pilots Kit MRE Review US 1969 Abandon Aircraft Food Packet

1970 Food Packet In Flight Individual MRE Review C Ration Military Airforce Pilot Meal Kit Unboxing

2014 Chinese PLAAF Long Voyage Flight Meal Air Force MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

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I KNOW the subject is a serious one, but...............................I couldn't help it...........:biggrin:


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Here are a couple more.

1967 Vietnam US Leg Holster Pilot Survival Kit Review Vintage Military Gadget Testing


1987 Canadian Food Packet Survival Supplementary Air MRE Review 72 Hour Ration Taste Testing



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