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Really interesting Tigercat mod for Il2 1946.

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A pretty cool mod WIP for Il2, just amazing what this game can still do.

Original post at SAS1946 by Mace at:


Parallel project to the F7F-5WS (ASW-Firebomber-ECM-AEW-Tanker) and will be released in the same download package.

In memory of Edlor whose excellent F7F-3N inspired this ‘what if’ Tigercat variant.

Many thanks to ecf111 for his time and outstanding custom paint schemes that kept this project moving along.

Still a few months of work to do but hoping to have this aircraft available for the community early next year. I will post further user guide screenshots as features and formats become finalised.

This late model F7F can carry a variety of guided weapons, including long-range GAM-67 Crossbow anti-shipping missiles, AAM-A-1 Firebird / AAM-N-2 Sparrow air-to-air missiles, JB-6 air-to-surface rockets, and Mk41 torpedos.

For conventional free-falling ordnance, such as high explosive bombs and napalm tanks, both the AN/APS-19 air to surface search RADAR (range 80km) and a basic onboard bombing computer can be deployed against surface vessels with the option of automatic weapons release. For terrestrial targets such as bridges, docks, buildings, etc., mission makers can use a RADAR reflector designator to allow these objects to paint on RADAR for guided free-fall strikes.

With the F7F-4AJ, players have access to the AN/APS-19 search RADAR scope, which can track up to four foe and four friendly targets at once. For airborne targets, a + or – indicates if the aircraft is above or below you. Also having a RADAR operator onboard means the pilot can request approximate speed and flight level of any tracked RADAR blips. Also simulating the RADAR operator’s speculation on the nature of the target from it’s RADAR cross section and movements, they may communicate the marked blip is possibly a fighter, bomber, aircraft carrier or submarine. The RADAR Gain keys cycle through the list of identified scope targets (both foe and friend) to display speed, altitude and possible type information.

Drone Director
To simulate the role of a drone controller, this loadout option allows the player to carry a RP-54E UAV aloft, air launch it (attach/detach key), then monitor its progress visually and/or with RADAR during the sortie and then command the deployment of the drone’s ballistic parachute in a recovery zone (Misc key 5). Airbags on the drone deploy at around 500ft AGL to allow it to float on water or land on terrain. The RP-54E UAV has a variety of roles, including aerial target, photo reconnaissance, ECM jammer and decoy. AI controlled aircraft can also replicate these range of drone director activities, using mission waypoints to air launch a RP-54E and then have the drone deploy its recovery parachute over land or water.

Photo Reconnaissance
The fuselage mounted KA-2 recon camera pod can photograph vertically and obliquely (both port and starboard). Low light intensifier viewing scopes and illumination flares assist the player with night reconnaissance operations.

Target Tug
Flying a target towing aircraft, you are not only very close to live rounds being fired by ‘friendlies’ at either a RADAR reflector or semi-rigid cloth banner but if you allow the 1600m tow cable to drag on the ground or water your tow target will be lost. Player or AI can then drop the target in a recovery zone for examination of gunnery fire accuracy.

cheers mace

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already posted in correct forum for il2 46 here. Ypu have this in wrong thread.

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I posted it here on purpose, so more people can see the mod, not by the mod itself, but for the originality of the idea.

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Very nice F7F doing everything. That Marine VMO-6 skin in green would be very bitchin' on a A-1H or AD-5.


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