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Mue's LOD Viewer - How to see stock Aircraft LOD's

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I've been away from SF2 for a couple of years now and my brain obviously has some ring rust.

I've installed Mue's LOD viewer and can view add-on aircraft LOD's no problem. But I can't view the Third Wire LOD's which I know are locked away nowadays.

Mue's 'read me' states;

The program can read needed files from the cat files. This option can be enabled in Extras->Settings. The user then must also set the SF2 install directory path.

Could someone just expand on that last part please or show where they are pointing to on their install. I'm using Windows 10 if that makes a difference.


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There's a field "SF2 Installation Directory" in the "CAT File Access" field of the "Extra/Settings" tab of the LOD Viewer, than when it's set to your... drumroll... SF2 Installation Directory (that is, by default "C:/Program Files (x86)/ThirdWire/Strike Fighters 2" of course, and should be pre-set) and the checkbox is Enabled, allows the LOD Viewer to read LODs inside CAT files (for that you read not the LOD file obviously, but the main object INI, so for the A-1H, you'd read AH-1.INI using the LOD Viewer).

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