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DCS Weekend News: 25 January 2019

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DCS: C-101 Aviojet and DCS: Christen Eagle II Release Reviews Since the successful release of the Christen Eagle II and the C-101CC, some great reviews have been created that discuss these great modules!


DCS: Christen Eagle II Reviews:

Purchase from the E-Shop.


DCS: C-101 Reviews:

Purchase from the E-Shop

We plan to release both the Christen Eagle II and the C-101 into Steam in February 2019.


DCS World Update

Early this week we released two Open Beta updates that included items like:

  • Hornet: Laser-Maverick tracking range and laser code entry fixes
  • Corrected VR projection to both eyes
  • AIM-7 loft trajectory
  • Updates to the Christen Eagle II and C-101

You can see the complete change logs here & here.

Today we have moved the compilation of the past Open Betas into the Release version of DCS World. You can read the change log of this update here.


DCS: Fw 190 A-8/F-8 Shrike Update

Progress remains rapid on the Shrike with a release set for later this year. The Fw 190 A-8 will be an excellent counterpart to the Spitfire Mk.IX and provide a period-correct aircraft for the Normandy map. The F-8 version will provide the Luftwaffe a capable ground attack aircraft to match the upcoming P-47D and Mosquito.

Fw190A9_engine-358.jpg Fw190A9_cockpit-358.jpg

As you can see from the screenshots, a huge amount of detail is being put into this model that allows for spectacular battle damage results.

The Eagle Dynamics Team

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It has taken a long time, and there is still some work to be done, but the C-101 has succeeded where the Hawk failed. For me, the C-101 was always better than the Hawk. But the simple flight model ensured that I did not fly it often. The new external flight model and armed variant now make it a viable alternative to the L-39.

I did not go for the pre-release of the Christen Eagle. In fact, I wasn't planning on buying it at all. I have much better alternatives for flying civilian stunt biplanes: P3D and Aerofly FS2. However, I am all about the flight modeling and a review by a real Christen Eagle pilot convinced me to get it. I don't have much stick time yet, so I haven't explored the edges of the envelope that this aircraft is supposedly the first to capture correctly in DCS World, perhaps in any consumer PC flight sim. But as cool as it is to fly, it is unarmed and therefore won't get any more flight time from me than trainer jets like the L-39 and C-101. DCS World's principal advantage over P3D / X-Plane is its comprehensive and realistic modeling of combat. I am in favor of DCS World expanding its capabilities to compete directly with FSX/P3D/X-Plane such as a map comprising of the entire globe and a healthy civil aviation plane set fully modeled. But sight seeing in aerobatic biplanes is really low on my priority list when I could be knocking Tomcats out of the sky with Tigers while flying over Nevada.

While I am more familiar with the Fw190A-5, I will gladly buy the Fw190A-8 when it becomes available for download. It will be interesting to compare it to the performance of the Fw190D-9 when fighting against the P-51D and Spitfire Mk IX LF.

I am eagerly awaiting the F-14 and the MiG-19 which are being released very soon. 

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