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  • Similar Content

    • By Bo_Nidle
      This skin depicts the CAG Hornet of VFA-146 "Blue Diamonds" as it appeared in 2009 as part of CVW-9 aboard the USS Stennis.
    • By ironroad
      A mission editor template I created for the a modern United States Navy Carrier Battle Group (CBG) in Digital Combat Simulator (DCS).
      Notes: This template is supposed to represent a current CBG using whatever is available in DCS. Since the game does not have the F/A-18E/F model of the Hornet, legacy "C" model of the hornet is used to fill up the flight deck (since the Navy became an "all Hornet" force with their "Neck-Down" strategy).[/size]
      *Only F/A-18A+/Cs of the United States Marine Corps are on deck.  A carrier air wing may have one or two attached Marine Corps Aviation squadrons of F/A-18s on board (if resources are available) among the 6 to 7 squadron of fixed-wing aircraft assigned to a carrier (usually all F-18s except for the E-2C/D). However, since the USN decided to remove all legacy F/A-18s from front-line and carrier service in early 2018 (due to aircraft age, maintenance, and budget constraints) and the Marine Corps is finally getting replacement F/A-18 A/B/C/D air frames and parts (ex-Navy air frames), I decided to make this an all USMC air wing.

      *The deck is in a launch and recovery configuration. There are no planes parked on the forward cats (cats 1 and 2). Cats 3 and 4 are also free for use (there are aircraft parked close enough to waist cats to get blown over).
      *No aircraft or rotors should be over the foul lines. Enough of the carrier's aircraft are gone (i.e. out on a operation) but enough are on deck for immersion. *CH-53Es are on deck for vertical replenishment or troop transport.
      *The frigate (no USN destroyers in DCS) and cruiser escorts have two anti-ship/anti-sub helos that they can share. The escort ships are arranged in a screen but one can be moved closer for "plane guard" launch or recovery operations via the editor.

      The file can be found here: [/size]http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3559-uss-john-c-stennis-cbg-template/
      Different "modern" eras can be created using the same template.

      *The EA-6B and MH-60 are the only USN aircraft missing from DCS at the moment.

      For the late 1990s-early 2000s place one or two F-14 squadrons near the fantail with at least three to four S-3Bs on deck.

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