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  1. So the wife and I are outside the house, we live in Tacoma, and "BOOM" this F-15 tops the house at full burner about 1000 feet! We get a call from my co-worker Levi in Stilicomb…. "Dan! Did you see that Alaska turbo-prop? Some guy hijacked a plane out of SEATAC!" Holy....shit.....all we could think about was that Pearl Jam was working Safeco field and some guy's flying this stolen plane. I have Levi on the phone, he's driven a few blocks down the street to Puget Sound.... "Holy fuck! The guy just rolled the plane and he missed the water by...….fuck!" My wife has King 5 news on, she's in the house screaming updates while I'm on with Levi....."Where is he now?" "He's gone south man! Two F-15's are on his ass!" I'd say the whole thing from start to the time he crashed on Ketron Island was about 40 minutes/
  2. vbgt (12).JPG

    Fully loaded Black Ram over Vietnam in 1967
  3. vop (22).JPG

    A-6 Intruder from VA-6 "The Black Rams" over Vietnam in 1967
  4. vbgt (23).JPG

  5. vt4 (15).JPG

    A-6 Intruders from the "Black Rams" of VA-6 off the United States class USS Columbia fly missions over Kon Tien South Vietnam in September 1967.
  6. Linebacker II: The Cunning Plan

    Reading this, you can see how much of a Generational mindset gap there was between the World War II era commanders and the pilots. It sounds as if the upper commanders had no concept of the change in anti-air brought about by better radar assisted guns and the SAM. Their heads were still stuck in "B-17 land" What surprises me the most is how mis-used and under-utilized the A-6 Intruder was from the environment and role it had been designed for...night time and poor weather attack, the two environments which most favored the enemy in that neck of the woods.
  7. Yubba,

        Looking back at some of your a-6 postings in the forum, how did you get the A-7 Map, the HUD information and the radar to work in your intruder?

  8. Is there a way to manipulate the auto-pilot altitude settings if you don't have the enhanced version of SF2?
  9. Can the topic be shifted there or should I make a new posting?
  10. Seems the accuracy window at full power sits between 7000 and 7600 AGL for the calculator
  11. So I am continuing to tweek this calculator out, have to account for various mission load outs. So far the error is between +.2 and -.2 on the release numbers. Best bet with multiple drops of 6 or more bombs, you'd go with .2 up on the number and you should hit your target fair middle of the string. The latest update on the work. bombing calc.ods
  12. I've been reading some postings on the forum where people were searching for a Strike Fighter editing document that was written some time back but the website for it has become unreachable. So here is that document for those who need it : ) StrikeFightersEditingInfo.doc
  13. This is an excel sheet level bombing calculator for the A-6 Intruder. Just input speed and altitude for the bomb you're dropping. You might have to tweet the final numbers a bit for say a rack of six bombs vice a motherload but it's pretty accurate within the first six bombs in the drop when the drop separation setting is 140ms. bombing calc.ods
  14. In the Navy

    One day the four Chiefs of the Armed Forces sat together drinking beer. The Air Force Chief of Staff took a swig and asked... "So who here thinks they have the bravest men under their command?" After much bickering between them, the Air Force Chief of Staff waved his arms. "Let's decide this issue." He turned to an Air Force FIghter and commanded... "Pilot! Get in your F-4, climb to 10,000 feet, dive at mach 2 and crash into the ground!" The pilot did so, too which the Chief of the Air Force replied. "Obviously I won." Next came the Army Chief of Staff who proclaimed..."I don't think so." Turning to a soldier atop an M-1 Tank...the Army Chief of Staff barked "Soldier! Get in your tank, run it into that oil storage tank and blow yourself up!" "Yes Sir!" The soldier replied and did as he was told. The Army Chief of Staff snorted..."Obviously I won." The Commandant of the Marines shook his head...."I don't think so." Turning to a Marine, the Commandant commanded "Marine! Pull out a grenade, pull the pin and blow yourself up!" "YES SIR!" The Marine replied and promptly did what he was told. The Commandant of Marines grunted. "There's bravery for you." For a moment...The Chief of Naval Operations sat silently until he gestured to the rest...."come with me." The Chief of Naval Operations led the other service chiefs to where the USS Nimitz was tied up. "You gentlemen see that sailor way up on the radar mast on the island structure?" The CNO grabbed a bull horn. "Sailor atop the radar mast, this is the Chief of Naval Operations! I order you to throw yourself from the mast right now! Send reply!" It took a few minutes before another Sailor came running up with a note in his hands..."Sir?" He saluted smartly. The CNO opened the note and showed the other service chiefs.... "DUDE! YOU CAN GO F*** YOURSELF SMARTLY!" It said. "Gentlemen? Now there is one brave son of a bitch."

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