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Question About Bomber Damage Models

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Bombers carry Bombs.  Bombs explode; usually when they hit the ground/target, but sometimes otherwise.

For instance, is there a feature in EAW where a fully--or even partially bomb-laden-- bomber takes a heavy flak round to the remaining bombs in the bomb bay of the aircraft, causing the aircraft to explode?  I don't know if even an Armor-Piercing, Incendiary or Tracer heavy bullet (similar to .50 cal) would penetrate a bomb and cause it to explode, but aircraft-fired explosive cannon shells might, and certainly heavy flak rounds could be expected to do the trick.

Naturally, the more-or-less instantaneous explosion of all or most of a bomber's load would be catastrophic, and might well take out other nearby aircraft, or at least damage them to some degree.

Is this feature available in EAW?

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No there's nothing in the damage models that would allow for that.

There are 12 damage sections that can edited -





Right wing

Right aileron

Left wing

left aileron

engine 1

engine 2

engine 3

engine 4

The values range from Zero to 255.

There are corresponding hit bubble sizes for each section.

The problem is, if you set the damage value very low then the plane will be too easy to shoot down from another aircraft.

I suppose that if the fuselage damage value was set very low and the fuselage hit bubble size set to very small you could compensate for that. You could then set the surrounding hit bubbles to a higher value to sort of "cover" the soft spot.

Seems like a lot of trial and error wold be needed to get it right though.





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Hi RiBob,

It shouldn't be too hard to implement such features into the game as there is no reason to make things harder then it can be. At present EAWPRO already has many simmilar happenings. I'll have a look if I can add this idea somewhere. It may take some time though before I can get to it.


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