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You know when you get an intercept mission, and you look at the map and it's 119 miles half-way to waypoint 3, and you're wondering why they didn't scramble fighters from one of the 8 airfields between you and the bad guys?

Well is the best way to fix it, to go into your aircraft data file and reduce the range figures by at least half?

Or is there a more sophisticated way?

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It happens, sometime. And I don't have a fix for that (so don't bother to read this post lol)
Reducing the mission radius is some kind of cheating, but it would work.

I would let things as they are, because it's a bit realistic from a certain point of view.
Same as when you're on a CAP mission, set the course to base because you're bingo fuel and then the bad guys finally show up (because they're bad guys after all).
It's not perfect but it spices things up, to scramble for an intercept and having to decide if you can make it or not.
What to do ?
RTB / mission failed ?
Going for it anyway, knowing you will run out of fuel ?
Tell the wingmen to RTB and proceeding on your own (because you can land at any friendly airbase you should find) ?

All of that is a consequence of the "Dead is dead" gamer philosophy xD

Sorry for the long useless reading, I don't have a fix.

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