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What if the USAF decided to introduce the bigger, more versatile and more sophisticated version of the F-16?

Here's what I called the Lockheed/Mitsubishi F-26 Super Falcon. It's obviously the Mitsubishi F-2A with CFTs borrowed from the old F-16 mods, US-made weapons and avionics. The original Japanese camo was too unusual for the USAF so I repainted it completely with the colors of "Mod Eagle" scheme, adding my own touch to the weathering since the F-2 template lacks weathering at all.

The aircraft pictured below belongs to the 510th FS "Buzzards", 31st FW, Aviano AB. 



I have some more ideas with this bird so stay tuned :smile:

And yes, there's a f*ckup with the right side of the vertical tail with "VA" instead of "AV" code.

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2 hours ago, whiteknight06604 said:

Very cool, any plans to release it? 

Yes, I'm going to release it after making some more skins and all the tweaks with weapons and avionics.

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38 minutes ago, JosefK said:

Are those JASSMs on the wings?  

Nope, those are AGM-154C JSOWs.

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Okay, so I decided to make two versions of this aircraft.

F-26A - introduced in 1995

  • basically unchanged F-2A
  • original AESA radar
  • General Electric F110-GE-129 engine
  • LANTIRN pods for A2G targeting



F-26C - introduced in 2010

  • CFTS
  • double A2A missile rails
  • AN/APG-80 AESA radar
  • modern cockipt based on F-22
  • General Electric F110-GE-132 engine
  • Sniper XR targeting pod
  • built-in IRST




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1 hour ago, Crusader said:

I didn't even think about this one for a second :lol:

Anyway, my bird would be something more modern than the Agile, even in the A version but you just gave me an idea to make the Agile too as the earliest and most basic one. Like: 1987 (or so) F-26A block 10 as the basic Agile version with F-16 block 40 avionics, 1995 F-26A block 20 as the F-2A counterpart with AESA etc. and 2010 F-26C block 30 with modern AESA, CFTs etc. Maybe someone has some better suggestions about verions and timeline?

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