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Auxiliary Keypads

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We all know that Aux keypads can help with instant, single key pushes as compared to multiple key pushes.   Let's assume that mappable keys are a necessity with any aux keyboard. 

That said,  and given that different games will require a different number of "mapped" keys to an aux keypad,  how many "aux" keys are usually necessary?

Please list essential aux keys by game, if possible.

The number of essential aux keys is , as will be seen.

Second Part:

The reason why I mention this is that there is a certain keyboard available with 24 programmable, and user-labeled keys available.   This particular keyboard is NOT cheap. The USB keyboard is pretty much indestructible, having Cherry mechanical keys, and it is resistant to liquid spills, as well as some other mishaps.   It is a full-size, commercial, keyboard, with a USEABLE mouse pad.  I have used this exact keyboard, commercially, for a few years, and it has withstood daily commercial use without mishap.  It is probably the only POS piece of equipment in my establishment with which there have been no problems.  There are various versions of this Mfrs keyboard available, some less expensive than the one herein linked.  Note that the various un-assigned keys can be labeled by the user.

Linky: https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/417892/CHERRY-LPOS-Large-Point-of-Sale/?cm_mmc=PLA-_-Bing-_-Office_Machines-_-417892&msclkid=c179081b815715df5495550c47d97e02&gclid=CIOg4c_Aj-MCFcOmxQIdLq0PVw&gclsrc=ds

By all means, search for best value/best features/best price.

Those users of existing keypads this alternative will doubtless find this alternative unattractive.  Perhaps users considering buying Aux keypads, this alternative might be interesting. 

I am reluctant to suggest this device, except that it has survived many years of daily abuse, and has not only mappable keys, but a touchpad that works.  No commercial interest.  YMMV.

Submitted for consideration


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EAW doesn't like "gaming devices" or extra keypads, as most will try to force themselves to use the first ID in the windows controller panel. (run JOY.CPL)

Version 128 or so of the unofficial EAW exe had some fixes for it (but not a full fix).From my experience (and others), unless you can configure the control setup in the 128 eaw.ini correctly. EAW can still refuse to work properly. Latter 128x versions eaw.ini settings changed as well to simplify or properly label the devices and ports , but its still very confusing. EAw needs auto detection removed I guess and a proper in game controller configuration needs to be provided.

Anyhow what I'm saying is if you get on any version or type of EAW a working extra keys, or gaming device. Your lucky.  :)


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Hmmmmm.  Are you saying that EAW users cannot use aux keypads, with user-defined keys?

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You will be lucky if you do!

EAW hates USB extra gaming devices (like gaming mice and gaming keyboards) / keypads.

I think 1.28e has a hack to workaround some of it but you must configure the eaw.ini correctly....Like I said you need a bit of luck with the hardware you use and choose.

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