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F8F Bearcat Redrawn Lines, Rivets, etc..

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F8F Bearcat Redrawn Lines, Rivets, etc..

Redrawn Lines, Rivets, etc.. for the Geo's F8F Bearcat.

It can be used for SF1 or SF2.

Add your own paint, dirt, details, decals and weathering...

I can't remember why I made this template (I must have had some extra rivets laying around) as there are already some excellent skins for this plane by Geo, Pappychksix, paulopanz and Wrench and much of this template was based on some of those skins. 

This is a WIP-Finish-It-Yourself template and is in Photoshop .psd format at 2048 pixels. It has redrawn lines, rivets and various bits. It can be reduced for those with low spec computers. It's still a bit rough around the edges, but you can smooth out any rough edges to your desires.


If you want to make the lines and rivets darker or lighter, this template allows you to do that by adjusting the opacity of the lines, rivets or any layer of this file. You can also 'Click' off any layer you don't wish to use, such as the rivets layer if you don't wish to have any rivets. To use it you must have a paint program that reads/modifies .psd files.

Then you can adjust the specular, glossiness and/or reflection entries in the skin's texture.ini file to get the skin to your liking.

I use the poor mans' method of bump mapping. I don't have the needed software or skills to create real bump maps. I use two template layers: one black the other white. The white layer is below the black layer and offset one pixel up or down and one pixel left or right. Then adjust the opacity of each layer to create a 'shadow' effect. When done right it gives the illusion it's 3D.


Credit and Thanks to Geo for this nifty little jet.

I'm releasing this under the Combat Ace Fair Use Agreement. Use it anyway you wish for personal use.  For any other use, please contact me first. 

If you find any problems with it, please PM me.  If you improve it, please PM me a copy. 

Thanks to all who are helping me learn to skin by direct involvement and/or by inspiration.

If I forget or miss anyone who deserves credit for anything I release, I apologize.  I have no intent to abuse or misuse anyone's property or claim it as my own.  Please contact me to correct any error.



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Wouah !!! :good:

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