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Anyone overcome getting rid of light hitting engine innards ?....tried the properties in max setting to no shadow...catching or casting.

even tried adding a dark colour to spec sliders...

I did it vefore but cant remember how I did it...also I guess chute shadows...only get them if chute is two sided with polys.

2 seater attack version of my Vickers 553...tail 20% larger,two seats...may redo canopy...too low......pylons for Attack...Fighter has the extra IRM rails etc.






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That's how it looks on the Fitter, it is fully shadowed.

Make your the outer skin of the plane, cast shadow overall, if a part doesnt, you will have this "light" problem



Su-17M 36.jpg

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Hi Russ, don't forget this important tip as maybe it could be an issue as well...?  As many of the models become higher and higher poly (digress to say some even overkill), you're going to have to think about slicing mesh components down to lower poly counts.  Beyond a certain single mesh threshold, the game engine will simply not cast shadows (and same applies if you're using .tga transparencies and/or double-sided materials).  I think it's something around 3000-4000 polys but can't recall exact count - so check that mesh piece!   Otherwise another thing to try as a hack / workaround:  place a small 1-sided cylinder/square/whatever directly in the engine innard and use a partially shaded/dark .tga texture to make the inside "look" darker (not ideal but could be quick fix).  

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Swam   yeah lol was thinking of adding mesh that adds constant shadows....no need now...I just darkened the textures....also found 1 item that had double sided texture...now its fine...cheers guys

not overly important but it bugged me lol


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