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This is a Fekkin helicopter

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This guy has captured some weird stuff over vegas.....but...this vid is in my opinion deffo a helicopter....you can see nav and anti col lights....colours are correct when its facing left and right ....its got a cable winch...I posted that you can see the cable lit up at some points...the beams of a searchlight on a roof ,hes mistaken for a triangular light...sloped roof and a beam from the helo would look angular....looks like some SAR or police dropping off officers ,or sniper or some such operative...anyways see what you think... also I pointed out there was a lot of police activity that night as there was a shoot out and a search for armed robber in car...in henderson...not that far away...some think police wouldnt search as far away as this vid is shot...quite a coincidence eh?..looks like he caught the police searching...


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There's something in the water in LV and this guy is a wack job. I've seen nav lights all my life and those are nav lights from a rotor wing aircraft. You only have to ask yourself one question, why would an alien craft have high visibility FLASHING navigation lights in our green, white, red configuration? Maybe they just want to blend in with the other aircraft in our skies? What a fekkin idiot.

Look at that there's a ball on top of his body and I don't think anything is hanging on to it! Holy whiskers batman we've been fished like a cat.


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