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Cannot drop bombs - SOLVED

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I am flying the F2 Banshee (with Razbam cockpit) in the Wings Over Korea Campaign but cannot drop the Triton Bombs.

I fly right to a factory and it has a red target square, pushing "acquire target" does not give a yellow target.

I press to release and nothing happens.

I have tried pushing buttons for next air to ground to see if that has an effect but it doesn't.

I tried looking up the bomb on the instructions page and it isn't mentioned.

I confirmed by putting the controls on the keyboard that it isn't the controls (and can fire missiles with other jets in other campaigns).

At a loss what I am doing wrong, or is it the plane itself?

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I may have the solution but before I change all my modded installs could someone please answer this?

I bought the recently discounted $100 USD complete install pack.

When making a modded install like the last lightnings or wings over korea should I always be using the strikefighters2.exe only?

I found there were no lightnings unless I did that. The instructions are 2012 and say to use an expansion pack exe.

I believe this may be why the bombs aren't working as bits may be missing from my Wings over korea install because I used North Atlantic exe?


Additionally there is no GermanyCE_Targets.ini and if I copy across all of GermanyCE from my Europe install I have this at end  of the file:


and it says to append this from_Targets.ini

Name=Jever Airbase, following your QFI for this initial flight

Very confused :stars:


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Yes if u want them into a single install I don’t have the complete pack but I do have all the installs as Sf-2 Europe and all works well this is where i have them merge and used C:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\Strike Fighters 2 Europe

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Is this OK to do? Or could it be causing my bombs not dropping issue?

Thanks, I can see I am still confused. I am happy in my case to have separate installs. I have been:

- copying StrikeFightersNorthAtlantic.exe to a new name

- running the new exe to create a new separate mod directory

- then putting a single campaign in eg wings over korea and associated extras like terrains


Regarding The Last Lightnings installation - (1) can I use StrikeFightersNorthAtlantic.exe again?

I tried using the expansion pack 2 exe (I think it was no 2 but could have been another one) as it seemed that was the one that was needed but it did not generate any aircraft at all in the mod directory (so crucially no lightnings)

Also no GermanyCE was generated?


Regarding The Last Lightnings installation - (2) the two target files appear not to match?

GermanyCE_Targets.ini and _Targets.ini seem completely unrelated. What am I doing wrong?


Sorry for beginner questions...

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From my point I believe u can try the na exe again see if that works since I did one time. For the ex and as far as the expansion packs go expansion 1is for sf2 Israel and expansion 2 is for SF-2 Europe but for me I have the merged sf2 e/v/i/NA/and sf2 into one full merged install also try reinstalling sf-2 europe

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Ok I have not yet solved the bombs not dropping will still need time to investigate that.


However I have solved the Last of The Lightnings install.

Basically the current $100 USD Complete Install Expansion Pack2 exe does not generate any fighters at all.

NorthAtlantic exe does not generate terrain at all but does generate Lightnings however the files to be overwritten in the Lightnings6 directory do not exist. I believe they are inherited from a base Lightning so should be alright with just pasting them in the Lightning6 directory, I hope.

So the conclusion I have for all of that is with regards to the Lightnings separate install:

- install using a copy of NA's exe and rename it etc (it seems it has the most features as there may be bugs with the others as regards naval stuff even though the other exe files I read were technically upgraded).

- copy NA's exe's INI and change the mission and campaign (though there are none for this) directories in that to the respective directories in the MOD directory. So only the missions for Lightnings show.

- copy Terrain from your Europe install the whole lot (in my case Nato fighters edburger full campaign install) for the files needed to be edited otherwise there won't be any.

- the weapon editor needed on my windows 10 to be run on Win98 compatibility settings and even then failed to show all the directories the first time it ran.

Hope that helps someone because the Last of the Lightnings looks to be awesome.

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Ok FINALLY worked it out - it was 2 things:

1) only some aircraft require pushing next a to g weapon to fire bomb/rocket (even if have only 1!)


2) my key for that on my sim dashboard was wrong, aargh!! (see sim dashboard post thread if interested)

Bloomin' heck!!

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