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  1. Daddyairplanes F-16 units and F-15 units pretty amazing
  2. Charlie Vipers on Guard Part 2: Block 30s in the 90s

    I’m sorry to ask again but is there gonna be test wings like from the nelis an ot tail codes
  3. Charlie Vipers on Guard Part 2: Block 30s in the 90s

    Is the New Mexico air national guard gonna come in the pack
  4. Hey thank u I am use to using the 7zip to unzip files but I did what u said to do and it worked thanks again
  5. Hmm so than what u recommend is don’t use the 7zip just open it where I downloaded the file
  6. Hi i tried unpacking them using the 7zip but it gives me a error message should i just redownload the file here
  7. I am using the 7zip but this is where its giving me error messages
  8. Hello I’m having problems with the ods anniversary install I tried running the install but it says it needs a disc to work has anyone got around or am I doing it wrong
  9. Hey everyone. So I’ve downloaded the Hollywood effects pack love the way the jets burn but notice it doesn’t have the ejecting pilot mod. So I downloaded the two ejecting pilot mods in SF1 was able to get the pilot ejecting working but messes with the plane burning effect so I was wondering if there is any other way to not mess with the effects of the plane.
  10. I bought the game from the thirdwire site tried my wov on my windows 10 but never happened to get it to work fallowed the forum as well
  11. BMS Falcon 4.35

    Is this game free
  12. I might have the ice man and maverick paint scheme for the mirage factory and possibly the mig-28 F-5E
  13. I believe it is I have Yap/Yap Rising sun/Yap Fighter weapons school/Yap training school/and a few dlc ships you can use the carriers and ships for strike fighters two but really hard to convert the weapons to sf2 though there is a knowledge base about it good luck
  14. I would like some help as I am not an expert on skin modding. I have skins for an F-14A tomcat from the mirage factory. I probably have at least 10 plus skins for it which I have downloaded along time ago. I was able to use them before on my Strike Fighters 2 with no problem. But for some reason some are not working properly. So I was wondering if it’s possible to get help from them to work properly again and if so I can send you the plane with all the skins for help thank you so much. F-14A by the mirage factory and you can find it at the strike fighters 1 download page

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