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  1. I was trying to find the forum that took care of the problem but couldn't find it I know it has to do with [HeightOffset] LowDetailMesh=-1.5 WaterMesh=0.8 greatly appreciate the answer
  2. Yakarov79 I know its the Uh-60 helicopters Like the pave hawk coast guard and all the others
  3. Hi everyone I was wondering how come some helicopter blades on some helicopters stop spinning after a certain speed is there a way to fix the problem. Also im trying to find more realistic all white missile effect I notice when firing a missile it comes out like a white/grayish color can anyone help with that not good with editing or anything thnks
  4. Hi I was wondering in the near future if there will be Proper Cag Xo and Line jets with the F-14 Tomcats with also the Squadron fuel tanks. really appreciate it.
  5. I was wondering if there is any way or mods that I can use to see triple A and machine gun fire at night and dusk I remember it was done but I don't know what or any mod to do. thanks
  6. I need help. I recently bought the Razbam F-102. I downloaded the Ultimate Razbam F-102 file here I followed instructions by putting all the files in the right place. I started the Game and all I got was black file tanks and not the complete aircraft.is there anything I'm doing wrong.any help would be great Also I downloaded the EA-6B from Razbam which I needed to allow the the use for the EA-6B super pack. I have the North Atlantic but all I get is the aircraft and skins but not the proper cockpit. Everything works fine but just the cockpit. I can only use the EA-6B in single Player and not campaign even if I have the campaign editor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. You can get the mission editor from the third wire store or purchase the expansion pack from third wire which has the campaign costumizer and mission editor
  8. I Love the fact that only CAGS/CO jets have all the colorful jets well the line jets don't
  9. Weren't all CAG numbers in the 1234 hundreds or something
  10. Does anyone know where I can fly the AH-1W in a campaign thanks.
  11. Hello I was wondering if there was something to add north Vietnamese aces name to show up on the sf2 Vietnam and Israel thanks a lot
  12. Polish Wings. MiG-21 Fishbeds.

    Some mig files are broken when I compress the files but got some to work though great mod of the mig-21

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