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  1. Where is the link to get the complete set
  2. Where did u find this plane at
  3. Yes russouk2004 it’s has a security log so I won’t be able to change it
  4. Is it possible to get ride of the flare and chaff subtitle in the bottom of the screen when dropping flares or chaffs.
  5. I’m also a big ace combat fan and can’t wait to use the ac speeches for strike fighters
  6. Pak Fa ''The Shark'' skin

    Very nice skin but how were u able to load the missile in a single pylon I’m curious
  7. Pak Fa "Prototype 4 _ Skin"

    Yea lucky u guys got ace combat 5 I got six for Xbox 1
  8. Pak Fa "Prototype 4 _ Skin"

    I have that game still for Xbox 360 awesome thing is that I have all the ace combat series from PS1) all the way to xbox1
  9. I’ll try thanks and what is the wrapper version if u don’t mind me asking
  10. I understand I had to upgrade to 10 due not finding any windows 8 7 or vista but I’ll try it thanks I’ll get back
  11. Where would I place the enbseries

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