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  1. Skinpack for Sopwith Snipe

    Thanks, looks real!
  2. Albatros Oeffag ba.253 skin

  3. SPAD XIII 138th Aero Sq

    Nice detail, looks great, thanks!
  4. SPAD XIII Flag Bus

    Awesome, you are a master artist!
  5. SPAD XIII Barber Pole

  6. SPAD XIII Little Joe

    I am rockin' out with all these wonderfully superbly done skins, thanks!!
  7. SPAD XIII Zig-Zag

    Looks great, unusual one!
  8. SPAD XIII Checkerboard

    You are bringing alive history!!
  9. SPAD XIII Diamond Dick

    Wow love it!
  10. yes i tried that, had them in both in the menu folders (mod and executable) i have been able to get the dawn patrol pictures from here working as menu screens. will try using them as campaign screens when i get home from work.
  11. Here they are, appreciate the help wwicaporetto01.ini wwicaporetto01_DATA.INI
  12. Will do when I get home in about 9 hours time. Thanks, Crawford.
  13. After much testing I can confirm I cannot get them working. I have tried resizing the files to the same resolution as the game 1920 x 1080, saving as jpeg and bmp and changing the ini files. Basically if they are JPEGs the game crashes. If they are BMPs a dark screen (looks odd not entirely black) is shown. So maybe have to give it a miss, I'd say? Thanks for everyone's help though, nice community here
  14. firstly i forgot the link for cranking the engine: https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4323817/Re:_Anyone_able_to_confirm_man i found the il2 1946 app here on the second page of the link. i emailed i wanted to both give a paypal donation and to get the extra features from registering but got no answer: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=38317&page=2 thirdly i am a complete newbie as far as woff goes having just bought it. i also only a few weeks ago bought sf2 and fe2 so it is an exciting time for me :)

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