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F-100D superSabre more agile

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Dear partners. I know it's unreal, but there would be some way to make the F-100D super sabre more agile, especially to make dogfhigt


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You'll need access to the F-100D_DATA.INI file. 

If this isn't available then you'll have to extract it. 

Once you have access to DATA, it's a case of tinkering with things like:


SLThrustDry (non-AB engine thrust) 

SLThrustWet (AB thrust) 

You'll also want to have a look at the Control Surfaces, especially the Right and Left Stabilisers. 


If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend reading the Knowledge section. 

And I'd also recommend downloading Notepad++ if you're going to make a habit of INI editing as it's a million times better than standard Notepad. 


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hi i know its cheeting, but i i changed the thrust in my f-100s (i think i made the C a little less

i looked it up and the thrust in the game is newtons and the stock planes are spot on, but i think something is wrong like the drag or something. The real plane could bust the sound barrier and the air force used it in the demo team of the day for YEARS

here's my mods

***************************************** this is a the top of the data file

StabilityAugmentation=0.2  // <----------  optional  (oh, don't copy " // <----------  optional " into your F-100D_Data file)




you might like:


***************************************** Sound is back at the top

Added a skin (its just the stock with a purple strip on nose to go with the stripe on tail, must use the stock 510th TFS...just unzip and drop the '510thTFS' folder in to the F-100D_64.

You can use the folder on other 'D' model planes by drop it into a folder, but you'll need to rename a few files: 'F-100D_64_3.bmp' to 'F-100D_68_3.bmp'

I really like the hun and have been able to shoot down a few planes after adding some more power

BTW: http://www.internetmodeler.com/scalemodels/aviation/Trumpeter-1-48-F-100D-Super-Sabre.php



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