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  1. Unfortunately, my BRU-61 SDB racks are messed up (I'm not sure why), but it is definitely possible to mod the F-15SE to have SDB racks on the LCFT_Station1, RCFT_Station1, LCFT_Station3 and RCFT_Station3. It takes a fair amount of trial and error as I found out. A mix of SDB racks and CFT stations: Because of the rack issue, I've developed a work around using the MER4 rack as a EOGR rack:
  2. Here's My Question about the F-35

    Speaking from a UK POV, there's been at least one occasion in Op SHADER where RAF Typhoon has used its 27mm cannon on a strafing run. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/typhoon-uses-cannon-combat/ As long as the pilot/crew are obeying ROEs and have clearance from the CoC then there should be no issues.
  3. I've managed to get through a good portion of Dale Brown's Patrick Mclanahan series of books over the past few months and it's inspired me to take out the B-1R for a few spins. Runway Destruction: Anti-Shipping: Bomber vs Bomber Intercept: Bringing her home:
  4. Hello all, Sorry if this has been asked before (I did do a search before I posted this but came up short). Are there any lines in the DATA INI that control an engine's fuel consumption? And if so, do they affect the engine's performance in regards to thrust? The lines I've put in bold are what I'd assume affect fuel consumption but I'm not sure if they actually do or what I'm meant to do to them to make an aircraft more or less fuel efficient. [Engine1] ReferenceName=Pratt & Whitney F-119-PW-100 SystemType=JET_ENGINE InputName=THROTTLE_CONTROL EngineID=1 HasAfterburner=TRUE NumAfterburnerStages=4 SLThrustDry=125470.00 SLThrustWet=175100.00 ThrustAngles= 0.0,0.0,0.0 ThrustPosition=-4.47,-10.231,0.0 ThrottleRate=0.8 NozzleAnimationID=10 ReverseAnimation=TRUE IdleThrottle=0.10 IdleRPM=0.28 IdleNozzle=0.0 CruiseThrottle=0.37 CruiseRPM=0.82 CruiseNozzle=1.0 MilThrottle=0.65 MilRPM=1.00 MilNozzle=1.0 MaxThrottle=0.9 MaxRPM=1.00 MaxNozzle=1.0 FullABThrottle=1.12 FullABRPM=1.00 FullABNozzle=0.0 AltitudeTableNumData=10 AltitudeTableDeltaX=3048.0 AltitudeTableStartX=0.0 AltitudeTableData=1,0.971106394,0.942855852,0.915238387,0.888244103,0.861863187,0.836085916,0.81090265,0.786303837,0.762280013,0.738821797,0.715919894,0.693565098,0.671748283,0.650460414,0.629692538,0.609435786,0.589681377,0.570420613,0.55164488,0.533345649,0.515514475,0.498142997,0.481222939,0.464746105,0.448704388,0.433089758,0.417894274,0.403110075,0.388729381,0.374744499,0.361147815,0.347931799,0.335089002,0.322612056,0.310493678,0.298726662,0.285193242,0.27240596,0.26022405,0.248620308,0.237562406,0.226989891,0.216908987,0.207331873,0.198193216,0.18941235,0.181041534,0.173024394,0.165388417,0.157978038,0.150909904,0.143808453,0.137043248,0.131316926,0.125837043,0.120517912,0.115176317,0.110071472,0.105192884,0.100530525,0.096074811,0.091816584,0.087747089,0.083857963,0.08014121,0.076589191,0.073194605,0.069950474,0.066850129,0.063887197,0.061055589,0.058349483,0.055763318,0.053291776,0.050929778,0.048672468,0.046515207,0.04445356,0.042483289,0.040600345,0.038800856,0.037081125,0.035437615,0.033866949,0.032365898,0.030931377,0.029560436,0.028250259,0.026998151,0.025801539 DryMachTableNumData=5 DryMachTableDeltaX=0.4 DryMachTableStartX=0.0 DryMachTableData=1.000,0.942,1.106,1.240,0.000 WetMachTableNumData=7 WetMachTableDeltaX=0.4 WetMachTableStartX=0.0 WetMachTableData=1.000,0.991,1.295,1.683,2.473,2.975,3.627 MaxInletTemperature=300 GyroscopicInertia= TSFCM0=0.743 TSFCM1=1.160 AfterburnerTSFC=1.970 MinFuelFlow=0.02 ExhaustEmitterName=HarrierEngineEmitter ExhaustPosition=-4.47,-10.431,-1.555 AfterburnerEffectSize=1.00 AfterburnerNodeName=afterburner AfterburnerEmitterName=F22A_burnerEmitter MinExtentPosition=-1.13,-3.68,-1.02 MaxExtentPosition=-0.14, 1.36,-0.04 FireSuppression=TRUE Thanks in advance!
  5. I think the EOGR issues are due to AI data such as release speeds, altitude etc but I haven't done enough testing to say for certain. I plan to do some experimenting this weekend. Like you, I've never had issues with A-10s due to its low & slow attack runs (which is why I assume it's such a good CAS asset in real life) with AGMs. It'll fire all 6 or so Mavericks and then start using any other weapons it has. But fast air like F-15s, F-16s, F/A-18s etc might fire one missile (if you're lucky) and then just orbit over the battlefield if on CAS or fly off into the sunrise if on a strike.
  6. +1. This frustrates me too. I think that it's due to the weapon loadout of the strike package. Purely AI flights no longer seem to be able use LGBs/EOGBs so will not drop their ordnance on the target, leading to the flight continuing on until they get shot down, crash or reach the map's edge. I've even seen it happen with "dumb" bombs when there's been more than one mark of bomb - IE if they're all carrying MK82s you should be fine but having both MK82s and MK83s on the aircraft too can lead to the same issue. (if I'm incorrect then feel free to correct me, I'm basing this off my own observations and several posts I've seen on this forum).
  7. Who needs two tails? Using the F-15SE's stealth features to go AWACs hunting:
  8. I think we may have taken a wrong turn... A-10 anti-shipping:
  9. A very "What If" Royal Air Force: A very "What If" Royal Air Force:
  10. Have you tried YouTube? I'm sure I've seen it on there before.

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