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  1. Curbing the Taliban push?

    It seems like the ANA have put up just as much as a fight as the Iraqi army did against ISIS in 2014... The only possible silver lining to this shite show is that the Taliban (probably) aren't directly a threat to the West. It was AQ who carried out international terrorist attacks both prior to and after 9/11. If the Taliban stop AQ and similar groups from using the country as a base for future plots, the West will probably have an uneasy peace with them. If not... Well we'll probably end up back there again in 20-30 years.
  2. OK, so I just played around with an AGM84E ASM & only changing the WeaponDataType & GuidanceType in the DATA.INI should be necessary: WeaponDataType=7 to WeaponDataType=1 GuidanceType=7 to GuidanceType=6 Then your ASM will change into an EOGR. It can only be done via Notepad in the DATA file & not via the Weapon Editor; however, once those 2 aforementioned parameters are altered, you can use the Weapon Editor to tinker as normal. AFAIK, the weapons will have to be named differently. I don't think you could have two identically named missiles even if they're different guidance / weapon types. Before changing: After changing:
  3. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the question... But players can also use the ASM weapons without any issues (well, other than the fact they can be shot down, but that's more realistic). The Cruise Missile mission is AI only but Strikes against naval units / Anti Ship missions with ASM weps will work fine. However, ASMs will only work against ships which means that your AGM-84E SLAM Harpoon, for example, becomes less versatile. If I remember correctly, most modders already have EOGR versions of the ASMs available in weapons packs (such as the aforementioned Harpoon). You'll find that most modders have set up ASMs as the following: AGM84D AGM84E KH15 EOGR weps as the following: AGM-84D AGM-84E KH-15 I might be remembering this wrong, but there's not a way in the Thirdwire Weapon Editor to easily convert a ASM or EOGR and back again. But I found that I can copy / paste another EOGR using the regular Windows method, rename it, change the INI using Notpad++ and do it that way.
  4. I started off with the Thrustmaster HOTAS 3 & recently upgraded to the 4. No issues here with SF2.
  5. Some screenshots from my 2005 Campaign over Dhimar with RAF Raptors, starting with a couple of "fails": My Wingman didn't get the memo that he didn't need to carpet bomb one target with every single Paveway IV he can carry... When you tell your Wingman to engage a target... & he decides that a mid-air collision is preferable to following your orders. -------------
  6. 617 Sqn RAF Strike Eagle FGR.5 showing off its multi-role capability:
  7. I always start on the runway and use the Alt+T x2/x4/x8 features to get around quicker rather than "light speed". However, if I remember correctly, the square icon (the one that's always present before the triangle one) on the Mission Editor and Mission Planning maps decide where you'll start / come out of light speed - if you move that further back from the action then that should solve your issue.
  8. I have to agree with MIG Buster - I'm not sure how well a 1050 will handle 4K SF2. My 1080TI won't run SF2 at permanent 60FPS on 2,560x1,440, with graphics maxed. Especially on hefty terrains. That said, if you're trying to future proof & upgrade your monitor before getting a new GPU / PC in a year or two, a 2K or 4K monitor isn't a bad idea. It's rather frustrating how unoptimised SF2 is - it'd be great if the Win 10 version uses modern PC resources better.
  9. Two Weeks? Mandatory Screenshot: RAF Raptor
  10. I can't remember exactly how much but my modded installs although are definitely several hundred GBs. It took a long time to back them up! My gaming PC is currently on a ship somewhere out in the Atlantic - however, I've backed up all my SF2 files on, not one but two external HDDs. I may even move some files onto my laptop just to really be safe!
  11. I can confirm that ship based land attack missiles work. I've seen USN ships launching missiles (Tomahawks IIRC) at Kharg Island for example on the Iran / Iraq map.
  12. You'll need access to the F-100D_DATA.INI file. If this isn't available then you'll have to extract it. Once you have access to DATA, it's a case of tinkering with things like: EmptyMass SLThrustDry (non-AB engine thrust) SLThrustWet (AB thrust) You'll also want to have a look at the Control Surfaces, especially the Right and Left Stabilisers. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend reading the Knowledge section. And I'd also recommend downloading Notepad++ if you're going to make a habit of INI editing as it's a million times better than standard Notepad.
  13. Seconded. I don't even play single missions anymore without editing them with the editor. I now wonder how SF2 managed without it. IMO, it's biggest flaw is that I take probably more time setting up the missions than I do flying them - maybe a copy / paste feature or units templates would speed this up but probably won't ever happen. Being able to save individual missions from Campaigns to then use in the editor is a really great tool too. If I remember correctly, it'll even remember the that campaign mission's "borders", meaning that Soviet forces might be deep into West Germany (or vice versa) depending on how your campaign was going at the time.
  14. That I've love to see in SF2, as well as the EB-1C Vampire.

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