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  1. I'm sure I've read on this forum that SF2 doesn't support SLI/Crossfire set-ups. I've never personally tried it though. https://combatace.com/forums/topic/89509-slicrossfire/ As others have said, SF2 isn't particularly well optimised so even modern GPUs struggle when the settings are turned up. My 980TI runs the game between 30-60FPS (usually on 60) with most settings on High at 1440p.
  2. No Harpoons? No Problem! (GBU-27s and a GBU-28 vs Carrier)
  3. Suchoi Intercept Rafal refueling over Syria

    That would make sense when you see the geography of the MERV; Pro-Regime Forces are on the Western side of the river with ISIS stuck in a pocket on the Eastern side sandwiched between the river & the SDF. Unfortunately, the SDF got their arses kicked by ISIS about a week ago during a period of poor weather. It also doesn't help that the SDF in the MERV aren't the same as in other places; there's no/very few Kurds (who are better motivated & trained fighters) amongst them so many of the SDF involved in the attack broke contact and ran. Until the situation with Turkey is sorted out, a new MERV offensive will be difficult. However, that doesn't mean that Western airpower hasn't utterly dismantled ISIS since 2014 while Assad has been focused on killing protesters with barrel bombs and WMDs.
  4. Suchoi Intercept Rafal refueling over Syria

    Because the Syrian regime is doing such a sterling job right? If by BBQ, you mean destroying a bunch of murderous religious/cultist nutters with AGMs, JDAMs, Paveways etc, then absolutely.
  5. I'm just glad to be of help! Thanks for the credit and for your sterling work. I've also been tinkering with the F-15E and F-15E (00) weapon stations and loadouts so once I'm content with those I'll put them on here again if you wish?
  6. Recce Missions? They're usually a milkrun... Right...? Until you're tasked to overfly the Kirov and a pair Sovremenny class Destroyers!
  7. Those AIM-9s are Internal in the CFT Bay. The bays don't open for long when you fire a weapon out of them so they're easy to miss.
  8. Loadout Screenshots [AirToAir'10 LongRange] x12 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x3 Fuel Tanks [Strike'10 24x Mk82SE] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x1 Fuel Tank, 24 Mk82 (500lb) Snake Eyes (Warning - you'll need a long runway for this Loadout!) [Strike'10 11x GBU-12D_AI] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x2 Fuel Tanks, x11 GBU-12D_AI (AI = not actually guided, due to AI Limitations using LGBs, EOGBs etc) [Strike'10 GBU-31s (AI)] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x3 Fuel Tanks, x4 GBU-31_AI (AI = not actually guided, due to AI Limitations using LGBs, EOGBs etc) [Strike'10 Bunker Busters (AI)] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x2 Fuel Tanks, x4 GBU-27A_AI, 1xGBU-28_AI (AI = not actually guided, due to AI Limitations using LGBs, EOGBs etc) [Strike'12 GBU-54s(AI)] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x2 Fuel Tanks, x18 GBU-54(V)1_AI [Strike'12 AGM-158Bs] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x1 Fuel Tank, 2x AGM-158Bs [CAS'10 16x CBUs] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x1 Fuel Tank, x16 CBU-100s [SEAD'10 (AI)] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x2 Fuel Tanks, x4 AGM-88Es, x6 CBU-100s [Naval Strike/Anti-Shipping'10] x4 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x1 Fuel Tank, x6 AGM84E (Cruise Missile version) [20 SDBs'10 ] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x2 Fuel Tanks, x20 GBU-40 SBDs (These should be the EOGR versions) [26 SDBs'10] x8 AIM-120Ds, x4 AIM9Xs (Internal), x2 Fuel Tanks, x26 GBU-40 SBDs (These should be the EOGR versions)
  9. So, this is my attempt to make the loadout of the F-15 Silent Eagle a bit more streamlined. It was my aim to allow the aircraft to carry more weapons in some ways but reducing it in others where there was clipping. I've taken inspiration from some of the other Eagle variants, such as the F-15SA in terms of the weaponry. I'm confident that most of the weapons I've used are available in the Weapon Packs on Combat Ace, if they're not already included the F-15 Superpack Viper created. Installation: 1) If not already done, download Viper's F-15 Strike Eagle Superpack, linked from the first post in this thread and install per ReadMe included in that pack. 2) I highly recommend that you then backup your "old" F-15SE Date INI and Loadout INI, should you not like my changes. I personally find it easier to rename them to "Old Data" or "Old Loadout" but the choice is your's. 3) Download the two INI files into your Mod folder area; Strike Fighters > Objects > Aircraft > F-15SE. If you renamed the aforementioned old files then there should be no overwrite needed. 4) That should be it! Go test out. If you do decided to switch back to the "old" INIs, delete my to INI files and use you back-ups. I promise I won't be offended. ;-) Note: A big thanks to everyone who has worked on the F-15 Superpacks and I hope that my attempt to tinker with these two files isn't seen as disrespectful to your/their sterling work. F-15SE Data INI; I've put in bold everything that I remember altering: I changed pretty much everything in here so no bold text. F-15SE_DATA.INI F-15SE_LOADOUT.INI
  10. I'll be totally honest, I'm confused myself lol. I know that my tablet screen had issues but I have no idea how it quoted what you posted from another thread (it was that one where we discussed how AI flights were continuing past their targets to the edge of the map). I deleted all the text out but I couldn't get rid of the quote boxes completely, at least not from my tablet. Sorry to confuse you!
  11. A few images from Red Flag in Jan 2018

    I work over at Creech but usually go to Nellis every few months to use the hospital, BX, ITT etc and it's definitely a spotter's heaven. Nellis probably has more fast jets than the entire RAF lol. Getting to live in Vegas isn't exactly bad either!

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