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  1. I genuinely wish I could contribute more than the $70 I have but it's been an expensive couple of months. There's definitely a few things I wouldn't have spent money on and donated instead even though I believe there's no chance of the 25 grand getting met. I remember first getting WOE back in my teens, mostly because it gave me the option to fly the A-10 (my first PC game was A-10 Cuba when I was about 5) and then finding this site very shortly after. Along with the Command and Conquer series, GTA series and the (original) Star Wars BattleFront series, the SF series is irreplaceable to me even now that I'm nearly 30. Some days it drives me mad, such as when I've spent a good hour or so building a mission in the Mission Editor only for the game to CTD repeatedly when I attempt to launch the mission. But it offers an experience that no other game on the market can. I genuinely believe that SF2 and this site have increased my knowledge in military aviation, especially when it comes to recognition of aircraft and SAMs. Many of my friends/coworkers are in the intelligence field and seem somewhat surprised when I can identify and link together a lot of military hardware that they spent learning about during their trade training.
  2. Unidentified

    There's too many unexplainable occurances and too main people who can't be classed as crazy or attention seeking with reports that match up for there not to be possible extraterrestrial activity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Hellyer When even a Defence Minister comes out and that aliens exist and are here, it's only prudent to have an open mind. It also wouldn't surprise me if extraterrestrials influenced humanity throughout history - plenty of civilizations throughout the world, for example, built pyramids when intercontinental travel wasn't exactly possible. It could be a coincidence but I'm beginning to doubt it.
  3. Hello gents, My full SF2 install has suddenly (circa a month or so ago) started crashing to desktop whenever I delete a waypoint in Single Mission Editor. I've also noticed that it crashes more commonly on start-up, but after a couple of attempts, it'll launch to the Main Menu Screen. However, if I delete a Single Mission Waypoint then it'll crash. I've moved my modded folders to an external HDD and re-installed SF2E and the Exp Packs and yet the crashes still occur. Any help would be massively appreciated. The only hardware upgrade I've done to my PC recently was to upgrade my GPU from a 980TI to a 1080TI; it definitely worked fine when I first did this but I have read the Nvidia thread on here that some users have had problems with recent software updates (I've made sure that my Effects aren't on "Unlimited" although none of the issues I've read in that thread seem to match what my issue is). I did a search but couldn't find any similar CTDs either so I'm rather stumped. PC specs are in my sig if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  4. Have you made sure that you've got IR SAMs like SA-7s, SA-9s and SA-13s in your GroundObject file? I haven't found radar guided SAMs much as a threat in ODS but I've certainly been shot down by SA-13s several times.
  5. It looks like an A-12 Avenger but as far as I'm aware, that never even made it to the prototype stage.
  6. I'm playing through a tweaked ODS Campaign at the moment and I find radar guided SAMs aren't particularly a threat. I can barely remember getting shot at by them. But going in low level over IR SAMs like SA-13s is a good way to die. I can see why Coalition aircraft switched to medium and high level attacks. I definitely find arming wingmen with HARMs/ALARMs on every mud moving mission (and some air to air if there's a long transit over dangerous areas) is a good way to thin out the radar guided SAM population. I'm at the point in the campaign where the only threats are AAA and IR SAMs as there's almost no SAM radars or Iraqi aircraft left.
  7. F-15E (UK) XIII Sqn

  8. Eagle FGR.5 of XIII Sqn with a full Brimstone loadout.
  9. Cool skins mate. Private contractors carrying out DACT with the host nation's air force does seem to a trend at the moment. The RAF have just had their programme culled though. https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2019/03/20/british-mod-pushes-the-brakes-on-key-air-combat-training-initiative/ I'm interested to see how the American one works out but, on the whole, private contractors seem to be getting a lot of money at the moment and not always delivering.
  10. 617 Sqn, circa October 1990 McDonnell Douglas F-15E(UK) models in 617 Sqn colours. Known as the Strike Eagle FGR.3 in UK service, 617 Sqn is deployed to RAF Canopic near Dihmar for desert pre-deployment training prior to being sent to Operation Granby by the end of the year. However, they are called on by Dhimar to repulse a Parani incursion while conducting their work-up.
  11. F-15E (UK) 617 Sqn

    617 Sqn testing out their new F-15E(UK) jets, known in RAF service as Strike Eagle FGR.3s.
  12. Missile ranges?

    If you use Thirdwire's SF2 Weapons Editor, you can open up the missiles individually and check their Max Launch and Seeker Ranges.
  13. I've been using this stick for years on SF2 so it should work. That said, I bought a HOTAS 4 to go with my PS4 too which didn't work at all (didn't even power up) so it's possible you have a dud. Stupid questions but... 1. Does it show up on your Windows Peripherals when you plug it in? 2. Does the Home button light up? If so, Red or Green? 3. If yes to last two, does it work with any other games?
  14. From 80s to modern day, roughly in order: NATO Fighters 5 Falklands Islands for SF2 SF2NA Expansion Pack The Scandinavian Front Operation Desert Storm Black Sea Campaigns Op Darius Hopefully it goes without saying that you won't try and install these all into the same mod folder!

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