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Back to Bastion: Returning to Four Years After British Troops Left

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I have no idea why. But I found this interesting as I often wonder what happens to bases after the US, UK, and other Allies leave them.

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while i wasnt at Bastion, that brings back memories. the tents, AC units,  and t barriers are pretty common to anyone whose gone to that place called Southwest Asia

and while at Kandahar, i liked to hang out on the Brit side more than the US. often cheaper stuff; smokes at the NAAFI, coffee at that shop and gettin pies and Irn Bru at Heroes. pretty good stories too once the guys figured out they didnt have to behave round this Yank

better sense of humor than the folks AAFES brought in too. a funny memory of the year was buying cigarettes at the NAAFI (Brit PX).

NOTE: European cigarette warning labels do not say "The Surgeon General says...." but rather "SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU"

so, my clerk at the register asks me if i want SMOKING IS BAD FOR THE SKIN or SMOKERS DIE YOUNGER

the thing you find funny some days. and i picked die younger.

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