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Israeli Aggressor Hunters

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Israel Aircraft Industries 'Yeger' - Hunter Aggressor Flight, Israeli Air Force

In the aftermath of the 1973 Yom Kippur War the Israeli Air Force examined it's aircraft losses (officially 102 aircraft but considered by many to have been higher) and in very much the same way as the USAF and USN had done they decided to embark upon an improved air combat training programme. In early 1974 four unmarked Hawker Hunter fighters in standard RAF camo arrived at Be'er Sheva Airfield where the Israeli Air Force had constructed a small temporary hangar adjacent to the Israel Aircraft Industries facility at Be'er Sheva. Whilst the UK Government consistently denied the supply of the four Hunter aircraft it would later be revealed that the aircraft were drawn from the Hunter wing at RAF Wittering and flown by civilian contractor pilots normally attached to BAC. The Hunter aircraft were quickly refurbished to emerge as the IAI 'Yeger' (Hunter) and equipped the Israeli Air Force's Hunter Aggressor Flight based at the nearby Hatzerim Airbase providing dissimilar air combat training for the Israeli Air Force. In 1976 the Hunter Aggressor Flight was boosted by the arrival of two ex-Kuwaiti Hunter FGA.57's and operated the type until 1991 when the unit disbanded.












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Awesome! I'd never heard this story. Do you happen to have any references, just in case someone wanted to learn more?

Edit. Nevermind, just saw which forum I was in. Dangit, thought I had something new to research.

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