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  1. Hi All, Does anyone happen to have a digital copy of Reade Tilley's "Hints on Hun Hunting" written in late 1942, later becoming RAF Tactical Bulletin No 15? Thanks!
  2. Searching for WWII documents

    I'd seen the Reagan one, and the jet tactics but not the others. Awesome, thanks!
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any of the following in digital form? - RAF "Manual of Air Tactics" (Provisional) 1937 - "The Navy Fighter" by James Flatley (ca 1942) - "Combat Doctrine: Fighting Squadron 10" Any of the following US Navy training films or pamphlets (by Jimmy Thach of the famed "Thach Weave") - Offensive Tactics Against Enemy Fighters - Defensive Tactics Against Enemy Fighters - Group Tactics Against Enemy Bombers - Don't Kill Your Friends - Use of The Illuminated Gun Sight - Snoopers and how to blast 'em - Gunnery Approaches - Escort Doctrine - Combat Air Patrol - Conclusion and Summary Thanks!
  4. F-8 Crusader TACMAN (Found!)

    At the bottom of page in this link is a bunch of other F-8 stuff. The manual I was looking for originally (hiding in plain sight apparently) and some others: https://www.george-wright.com/scrapbook-documents.html
  5. F-8 Crusader TACMAN (Found!)

    While I think it's the same manual as the portion you sent, I didn't actually see your post until after I was sent the copy I posted. Your image looks like a higher quality scan. I actually might have another version on its way to me, if it turns out that I actually get it and it's better quality I will post it for the community.
  6. Hi all, I posted a little while back asking about the F-8 Crusader Tactics Manual. I ended up finding a complete manual. It's not as high-quality as one would like, but it's all there. I'll have it on dropbox for a little while, until I need the space for something else. Also, there is a link to the Phantom TACMAN. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/fypj2m0wbl6vyz2/F8 Crusader TACMAN.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8yi2vi8vl6q5pe/F-4 USN Tactics Manual.pdf?dl=0
  7. F-8 Crusader TACMAN

    Hi all, I'm trying to locate a copy of the F-8 Crusader TACMAN, or Tactical Manual (or maybe Tactics Manual?) It was produced in 1968 and written by LCDR John Hellman and LT Tom Corboy while they were with VF-124. That's all the information I have, so far I can't find anything other than NATOPs. Thanks! Ryan
  8. Mirage III & Nesher Gun Sight Fix.

    This is awesome! How did you figure it out just looking at the photos?
  9. Mirage IIIC Pilot Handbook

    Thanks for the link. The IIIB is almost what I am after...
  10. Hi all, I am searching for a copy of the Mirage IIIC (Preferably the CJ) POH, Pilot's Guide, Pilot's Notes, or any official manuals from Dassault regarding the operation of the aircraft. The usual sources haven't revealed anything, maybe someone here has an idea I haven't thought of? Thanks!
  11. Force Feedback

    Oh that's interesting. I will do some research! Thanks!
  12. Force Feedback

    Ah, I misread. Thank you. I went and fiddled: My initial settings were FF 1 and Gain 100. I tried multiple settings on the gain, (0, 50, 75, etc) and thought I had it figured out, but on one load the Force Feedback cut out again and then continued to not work on subsequent loads, as usual. I tried FF 0, and as you said, the centering pressure was there, but no other effects (buffet, bomb release, etc). This is fine, but now the Sidewinder is just a powered spring. The whole idea is to have increased pressure at higher speeds, and floppy controls at slow speed, combined with buffet as you approach a stall. And the gain changing didn't affect the centering force, so maybe TK didn't code the Force Feedback that way in SF2. In that case what I'm asking for isn't possible. Thank you again. I appreciate the help.
  13. Force Feedback

    Thank you for the reply. My settings are set just like you said, I have no idea what it could be. I only lose the stick-centering pressure during the mission load and I don't get it back after that happens unless I exit the sim, unplug, and replug the stick. And the stick works great in other sims (IL-2). I'll keep troubleshooting, would really like to get this figured out. On the higher realism settings the stick pressure can be used to tell your IAS, and therefore how much energy you have...
  14. Force Feedback

    That would be great, thank you.
  15. Apologies if this has been covered. I did search the forum and none of the answers seemed to fit my exact problem. I have a Microsoft FF2 joystick. The feedback works when shooting cannons, launching missiles, dropping bombs and I even get control buffet when pulling too hard. What is missing is the centering pressure. Before we get into how modern jets have fly-by-wire and no control feel, I understand that, but the centering pressure is there until I load a mission. Then at 30%, I lose it and the stick goes 'flop'. It's nice to have. Especially in the P-51. Any ideas on why I lose centering pressure only when I try to fly a mission? Thanks!

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