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Ships on Terrains conditions

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Well I remember that in SF1 Wrench said that warship won't work properly and they won't apper in single mission. I hope that things are solved in SF2 environment. What I would like to know from you fellows is to tell me if I left anything out from these conditions for a warship to appear on a map/terrain:


- the warship 3D model to be enlisted in type.ini of the map

- the country's warship must be present into LimitedNationList of the respective map

- the service dates interval (from warship's data,ini file) must correspond in order to appear on the map between those years in a single mission.(I put availability to very_common to speed up a little in a test)

- and , of course, to have in GroundObejct folder the ship files


Anything I missed ? Warship appear , randomly, in single antiship missions , right ?



1) If I have , let's say a French warship in GermanyCE map, will it appear only near France coast or it could be anywhere where is sea ? How does the game's engine interpret this ?

2) What is the role of  the warship/carriers names.ini files ?

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There’s a lot more that goes into it. A lot has to do with having the line “navalmap=true” set in the terrain.ini as well as having a proper water.bmp file file that tells the game where the map the task forces should spawn. Nothing from SF1 applies here as naval units as we think of them following SF2:NA just plain didn’t exist in SF1.

theres a pretty comprehensive thread in the terrain building forum that can explain things waaaay better than I could


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In knowledge database I saw a thread in which I understood that NavalMap=TRUE was concerning the campaigns only. Maybe I didn't understood. For me SF2 is a new ground , but I am eager to learn about it, as I learned about SF1 , in the past. I will try to look for that thread you mentioned, to see if I can understand something from it. Terrains business is not easy and has a lot of technicalities who would take years to master them so I don't know if I will manage without help. Thanks anyway.

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