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So uhh ive been using OpenTrack with IL-2 1946 for a while and wonder is it usable for SF2, if it is how can i do it?
Also (pretty dumb qyestion ngl..) is there a way to minimize the game when ya play it? usually if i press the windows key it would bring me back to my desktop and minimize the software i was using in fullscreen, works with  IL-2 1946 but not for SF2. and cant find a good software to record the game with

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Pass on Open Track - TrackIr has always worked fine so potentially some may have used OpenTrack in the past.

Minimise game.......leave another App open and use basic Alt + Tab would do it.............although how many times it will work per session cannot say.

Recording Software back in the day was Fraps although I used NVIDIA Shadowplay which was built into GEForce Experience and is now just part of the in Game Overlay. Expect a lot will do it.



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