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Thrustmaster Warthog stick making my desk shake?

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SO I do love my new Warthog but I have noticed that when ever the stick returns to center it does so with enough force to shake my desk and monitors...it does this both on the desk and on the new desk mounts I just got.

So what i want to know is whether this is something with the stick or my desk...and if it is the stick can I make an adjustment to lessen the impact of returning to center?

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Maybe invest in a separate stand ? a lot of the Steering wheel stands, which are relatively inexpensive, are not a great deal different from a comparable joystick/hotas stand you can even mount your rudder pedals if you have those as well. The reason I made this comment here is because eventually I want a warhog myself, to replace my X52 pro, however as I also play American/Euro Truck simulator, and Farming Sim 19, I could really do with a set up that is easy to move out of the way when I am not using either my steering set up, or my Hotas ........just a thought mate, take a quick gander on amazon, there are a plethora of 'em on there and all for a decent price, make sure though that you look for one that has an adjustable side mount , used mainly for gear shifters, however it looks to me that it would work just fine for a throttle stand. Another comment I have seen in regards to the Warthog, is that with the joystick some peeps actually place it on their seat and use the stick in a conventional setting, as the base on your stick is very large, and therefore is comfortable to have in between your legs and wide enough for your thighs to hold it down more securely. Food for thought matey.

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