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I would like some help as I am not an expert on skin modding. I have skins for an F-14A tomcat from the mirage factory. I probably have at least 10 plus skins for it which I have downloaded along time ago. I was able to use them before on my Strike Fighters 2 with no problem. But for some reason some are not working properly. So I was wondering if it’s possible to get help from them to work properly again and if so I can send you the plane with all the skins for help thank you so much. F-14A by the mirage factory and you can find it at the strike fighters 1 download page 

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There's a SF2 version of the TMF F-14 that Caesar did:

As I think that'll be a better option with the skins than using the SF1 version. The reason I suggest this is that this is more modern and the skins would work properly without much effort. 

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