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KC-130 deploy automatic drogue

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Hi guys, I have a question, what lines should I add / modify so that the KC-130 automatically extends the hoses when it reaches a certain height? for example, how does the kc-135 work?
I checked the kc-135 data but did not apply the behavior.

Greetings and thanks

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this is from my KC-130s. Deploy values are set for refueling helos also...so you might want to adjust for you liking. But not sure if you can limit its use to a certain height. 


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height is NOT adjustable -- usually only speed, but 99.8% of them are linked to gear animation . Gear goes up, drogues come out.


since the KC-130 is using AUTOMATIC_MACH, try adjusting the deploy value, using the meters per second of oh, say, 160 knots. Retract value should be around 125  knots. See if that works

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Thanks Jarek and Kevin, I will do the tests with the indications of both and I will tell you what the result is ... I promise some nice photos.


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