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  1. You cannot modify or add elements in the same way you would in real life. Think of the 3d elements in the game with a porcelain object, on which you cannot overlay or paste elements to make modifications. If you want to alter something in the game, you need to redo it or edit the original file, which requires the consent of the creator. Olivier Anguille was the genius behind many of the old models, but he passed away in 2009, leaving unfinished works. Some contributors have rescued and redone some works, but in general the old models are conversions to adapt them to the new engine. In short, if you want to modify elements in the game, you need to create something new if you no longer have the original sources.
  2. For my part I already understood that it is an indicator composed of 2 in 1, so it is not enough just to change the textures... if you wonder why it was not considered something so basic, I think the explanation is because the model comes from the SF1 and WOX series, iirc these versions did not show the speed in MACH whose change came with the SF2 series. So why bother making an indicator that can't show mach speed due to the limitations of the game engine?
  3. For such a popular bird, it was difficult for me to find a photo with this detail of the cockpit... I complement what MigBuster comments (edit) this tomcat reached mach1.2
  4. The texture could be redone if it were verified that the path of the needle resembles the scale eg at 6 = mach 1.0
  5. Tell me how you feel about seeing this page... I am very fond of Colum5, it brings back many good memories like when you remember a song... and from here I discovered the CA site... for the nostalgic, I leave you a link to the old one. site in all its glory https://web.archive.org/web/20100428115038/http://www.column5.us/aircraft.shtml
  6. Back in 2000 I was starting university and in the student residence there was a modest PC with Windows 98, at that time I painted things in paint with a style that decades later would be called pixelart, by chance looking for who knows what. , I found that it installed a demo version of F-22 lightning and from there I left the pixelart aside haha... then I went through F-16 MRF, Comanche and other Novalogic sims, F18 Hornet until I reached Flanker 2.5 there I learned about the modifications with various texture packs that I was downloading from the internet, and one day around 2008 I found a publication that mentioned several flight simulators that I already knew except one called Strike Fighters Project 1... I was struck by the graphics (much better than what I was playing then) and also the novelty of piloting a selection of Cold War fighters. I thought it was interesting to get it. When I got it I think it was the GOG editor, they had a free download of 5 modern era airplanes on their website, there was the f-16, F-18, the tomcat among others, at that moment I said wow how can I fly such a variety of planes, then I met checksix.frw here I found many other planes and textures and then,... and the greatest pleasure was reaching Column5.us... there I said "what kind of spell is this?" and my creative orgasm was total hahaha... from there to CA it was just a step to marvel at this community and here we are, fascinated by a modifiable simulator, the perfect game for an airplane lover who is also a graphic designer...
  7. Haha, that sums up what kind of players we are...
  8. Guys, no one here has committed an infraction, it is unfortunate that they are distancing themselves just to defend ideas and outside others who have committed an infraction do not care what is happening here... @Menrva, @daddyairplanes, @bazillius, you are valuable, I don't know get angry just for presenting different positions...Bazillius has not promoted anything against CA, I only see that he renounces claiming ownership of his work (he does not want to worry about that) and that is his right. ...the rest of the opinions are subjective and we can agree or not but they are only our opinions... please do not marginalize your joint projects. unity is strength... we also have different nationalities with our ways of speaking and expressing ideas here standardized to english, which does not always faithfully interpret what we want to say in verbal language... so let's not take it literally at all, Happy new year guys, may this year be fruitful here and in your private life and I reiterate my admiration and respect for each of you.
  9. Please send me clean rivets bro and thank you

  10. @sukhoy34 Bro, I think you're missing rivets, PM me I'm cleaning the panels I can help you with that
  11. Believe me, it is not a waste of time to talk about these things... sometimes it is good to know what the community thinks about respect for the work done here... and my comment to Menrva is not a criticism, it is just saying that we must be firm with the rules but you don't have to go on a witch hunt because it is exhausting and you can fall into injustice... I think that outside of CA there are many people who honestly don't know how long it takes to make a model... hey Here you have a crazy person who took 10 years to create a marvel... (I say crazy out of affection), when you get involved you value him a lot and you empathize more with the frustration of seeing your creation usurped. I also believe that there are stupid people, without bad intentions, who have not thought about what they do and share things "generously", they deserve a cordial warning, and there are certainly ill-intentioned people who appropriate other people's work, without any respect, towards them. You have to be tough and severe. Some can sometimes find me on a Latin FB (I haven't posted photos of the sim in a while) the thing is that several complaints were generated due to the CA material that was published without consent, with the support of several users and the administrators it was achieved filter the content before making the posts public, personally when I saw that a CA file was published I chose to invite the user to delete it for the good of everyone and the reputation of the site... I think people understand with good manners, I also insist There are cretins who don't care about anything, but sooner or later they will close the door from the outside... my message is simple, CA gives us the possibility of approaching talented people who offer quality work for free, simply in exchange for loyalty If we do not respect that, accounts will be closed and a great community will be smaller and more exclusive. Regarding the issue of whether you design with legal or pirated software, come on... that corresponds to the moral formation of each person, I will not think about anyone's wallet, everyone knows what they are doing, we are already quite adults. .
  12. Two things: 1- I think the post is excellent and I suggest that we support it by reporting the offending FB for intellectual property violation, with multiple requests measures will be taken so that the message is understood loud and clear... the same can be done in Mediafire (perhaps the file has already been deleted). 2- On the other hand, I support the existence of sites like YAP RV and others that show the work of modders or that only share screens of enthusiasts who customize or only show their experience with the sim And here I do not agree with Menrva, we cannot guess if a FB site that initially posts screenshots then uploads pirated material, that's always the responsibility of whoever is wrong, whether it's the admin or a guest... don't do the stupid thing Capun did by pointing the finger at those who visited FB communities in which certain users made their own mistakes, the guy puts everyone in the same bag... ... He took me off his page and when I asked him for explanations he told me "Tell me who you are with.. and I will tell you who you are" without further arguments. . ... That is, if I visit a group and someone has the bad idea of posting something illegal, am I a pirate?... and what happens if here something pirated is published and the complaint arrives late... are we all complicit here because we were able to download that material??? what nonsense... people judge themselves by their actions and not by presumptions... For me it's simple, if the site is a community and something illegal is posted you can support CA by publicly rejecting piracy and asking the administrator to filter the posts... if the space is private you simply unsubscribe or stop following it.
  13. Welcome back GK I hope things get better. I'm glad you're showing wonders of your talent... PS: If within your means you've considered the Dash helmet from Israel... I wanted to make one but I don't have the skills to model humans yet. .
  14. Is this picture real or a fake?

    It does not carry weapons and under these conditions in a real combat, it would have already gotten rid of the external tanks... About the image I think the same, there is a lot of contrast in the f-16... the pitot of the mig looks soft as does the background landscape and unless it was an infrared image it does not justify so much contrast, that is fine only in the trash about the lens...

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