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  1. Hola Angel estas?? te deje un PM.. Saludos!


  2. Hello here semi-buried hangars. I have a land in the southern tip of South America would be very good if you dare to make hangars of this type
  3. You say by the example that I put ?? because exactly that is intentionally aligned to the left because the numeral that follows fills the space that 1 does not fill ...
  4. So it looks in Photoshop 1 only one layer filled with the color of the decal 2) in the RGB channels layer is added in alpha (the numerals are pasted there) 3) It is important that this alpha be with absolute black background and absolute white text (lighter or darker tones will result in a translucent sticker ... which can also be an option according to your intention) 4 So it looks with the RGB and alpha activated, in pink all the transparent area A strange fact, product of my experience ... each 3d mesh can accept up to 8 stickers, ask who would use both. Well, when you discover that labels are not only useful for creating serial numbers, for example, they paint. Meshes that have no texture, or locate texts that can not be read by low resolution, you may need it. I hope it is useful, greetings!
  5. Last touches in skins ... thanks emre for your contribution !!
  6. FACH B-50 VIPER ...(more pics in spanish forum)
  7. FACH

    Block 50 pasada por Nellis AB
  8. FACH

    Algo de lo vamos haciendo...
  9. Mirage 4000 prototype

    Excellent work guys!!!, modders and users appreciate the dedicated attention to detail in both the visual and operational, they are grateful to take the time to make a well-cared model. Congratulations
  10. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Y otro mas...
  11. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    La mejor version de Lan para mi
  12. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Vuelve un viejo conocido por estos lados ... en version 2.0 esquemas rehecho desde 0 y con compañia. Proximamente

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