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  1. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Ohhh un simulador nuevo!! como le podras torno??
  2. but mistakes can also leave some opportunities ... maybe maveriks or guided weapons can be replaced by lasers based on machine guns or unguided weapons ... and also hidden LODs can serve as force fields ... Or do I propose very crazy? ??
  3. @MenrvaExcellent!! could you show us a short video ??? ...
  4. A new world of simulation literally opens up ... Question: 1) Does the game engine allow you to extend the terrain beyond the stratosphere? thinking about space stations to make trips from there to the ground and vice versa. ... and 2) if this is possible, could a floating structure or a ship (type of engines with unlimited energy) or some structure not anchored to the ground be made? ... I know that with this we can speculate a lot and there are many limitations of the game, but you have already gone far and exceeded some limits and that is already encouraging to propose many ideas ...
  5. Regarding the work of our friend, I ask the most experienced if it is possible to make a reverse thrust for commercial aircraft to position them in the terminal and then take them out, considering that our simulator does not have a towing system
  6. hello... what happen? download this file is offline?
  7. Hi Gepard, can you give me the positions of the stickers to have as a reference for a kuz? I can't find the position for such large models ... by the way, there is some advice to quickly locate stickers ...
  8. My contribution decals kuznetzov by peacepuma.zip
  9. if what happens is that I work in another Kuznetsov that, according to the forum rules, it is not possible to publish it, of course, your work will be much better and, for the same reason, I would like to contribute with the graphic improvements I was doing so that This model with everyone's support is the definitive one in sim. The captures are stickers that I made in vectors so I can also take them to 3ds max and extrude the shapes that stand out like the stars and the badge.
  10. Recently I realized that in some terrains some helicopters have problems with the tail rotor animation ... you can try a predetermined terrain that happens and then do the same with the SWUS terrain, for example, obviously I think it can be a problem of graphics in complex terrain ... when I have time I will put a video or a photo to show this case ...
  11. Tip: (For 80% of plastics) Super Glue + baking soda, all the blades could be dropped but the one you repaired. His claim had a basis that cannot be refuted ... if the blade was damaged by an overclocking product, where is the blow that generated its detachment? you can't drop a blade like a flower petal ... at the revolutions of a fan the blade would have broken a various pieces. As I see the photo it seems a bad manipulation in the fan assembly, as a lever effect on the blade.
  12. I'm just thinking out loud (or in writing) ... if TK confesses that the game did not sell as planned and we add that the community does not generate significant new profits, will it not be appropriate to redirect your business to the community? modder and mod consumers? Instead of creating a new saga that cannot be financed, it could give a new air to what it has with small patches that apply very specific functions, I remember as an example the mods of mirage of Dennis Olivera needed his DLC and I bet that many do not resisted acquiring it only to use the mod, according to that idea, you can work with refueling in flight, A/G radars, etc., so you can pay the programming time, a part finances it with crowdfundings and the result sells it in the royalty-free DLC style Of course for taxpayers who would be largely the modders of this community ... comments ??? Is what I am thinking very silly? we will have to put ourselves in the skin of the programmer and propose a business idea that benefits us all

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