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  1. Although I am not very knowledgeable about weapons, but according to my amateur common sense I must assume that the infrared systems of the sidewinders must guide the missile both by the detected heat and also by the volume of the area that radiates the heat, in In this sense, although an exhaust can reach the same temperature as a nozzle, surely the heat-volume formula is the one that would give the missile the greatest precision over the reactors.
  2. MiG-25PD 'Foxbat-E' by Coyote Aerospace

    Take advantage of the editable 3d and you have one that we have not seen in another sim
  3. F*K*N GPU!!!!!!

    I start this post to share my frustration, like self-help clubs ... If someone wants to curse with me, I invite them to do it to feel better ... It turns out that I still have my old and glorious macpro 1.1, with all the possible improvements that you can imagine, and that it has been enough to run my design and editing programs, and of course the strike fighters series with everything and potatoes and other sims as well. .... well last night 2.30 am browsing in opera and with FinalCut open but without any project for a moment the screen was transformed into a kind of matrix world with green lines like a drawing of the apple II and then a couple of flashes and I was left with the screen with vertical lines of colors and typical mac sound in a very bad loop ... Damn, I said, assuming the facts immediately ... What happened? I'm not really sure, it just came to my mind that I had planned to change the thermal paste in a few more weeks (duh !!) since I had never done it, otherwise neither dust collected that graphic card Has something similar happened to you? ... have you recovered one after damaging it ... today I will try to look at your insides to see if I find any component visibly damaged ... although I do not think I find anything because these things do not create flames or smoke ... well normal people haha I have plans to change my ship but I did not expect it yet and in this way ... I will try to recover the graph and if not I will ask the ebay uncle
  4. Thank you very much for your comments I will test your indications by modifying values in the data, I will be careful not to spoil something
  5. Hello, I do not know if this has already been consulted before, I have used the search engine and also the KB but I cannot find what I want to know ... there is a way to modify the position of an airplane relative to the terrain by editing the DATA.ini or it should only be achieve from 3d design ?? When I refer to modifying the position I am talking about adjustments such as raising or lowering (and that the plane does not "float") or eventually rotating on the x axis to adjust the inclination like wwII planes ... I have read things close to this matter but I am not very clear if it is feasible to edit that aspect or not. Greetings and thanks in advance!
  6. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Bill Gates: "We designed the Blue Screen especially for this boy to solve his map problem"
  7. Several of us make improvements, some do not get to be published by who knows what ... what if you should consider that when you get better definition in lines and texts, these may look strange on some monitors depending on the resolution you have and the video card you have ... also do not hallucinate with giving it such excessive quality because you will have framerate problems ... my advice if you work with jpg files save them with some photoshop-type editor that has "optimization for the web" I remember that it is used a lot for web pages that lowers you quite the weight of the file despite you give it high quality
  8. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Hola Ariel, y que piensas hacer ahora que llegaste a la conclusion que el motor limita??? como dijieron otros podrias suplir texturas centrales por mas genericas, me imagino que el problema es volver atras con el trabajo.... pero si se te hace tedioso te puedo echar una mano, la cosa que es no muera tu genial trabajo
  9. @torno Ariel don't get frustrated !!! The work you do is absolutely great so that it gets lost due to the limitations of the sim ... we would only have to think of the trick to avoid the problem or rather hide it ..
  10. Yes, the photo is of SF, from a few years ago ... it happens fleetingly like many things you see here XD I have the decals for you by the way ... I send mp
  11. I don't know why they bother to answer what others already know, it doesn't cost anything a little more cordiality Dear I understood your query, you want information about that mod that was not published, who did it was Alexs send him an MP although I warn you that he has not connected since March of this year ... another user who had a copy of that model is Flogger is more active but you should talk to him if he has it or knows something about it ... there are many things that have not been published because they were never finished or because you have to get some permission with an author of the work ... but I don't see anything Bad to consult and have the initiative to rescue or consult for some unfinished project happens to me a lot, only that I go directly to the source since I have been here longer. I hope my answer is useful. Greetings
  12. Hello if they are ready ..... due to the work routine I have not seen them as they were in the model, I review them and I send them to you
  13. Question ... and this design did you already decal? because I had it in mind to do it but if it is ready it is not necessary to do it again
  14. Sea Vixen FAW1

    Excellent work!!! Enter a new bird into the SF hall of fame

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