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  1. Thanks Jarek and Kevin, I will do the tests with the indications of both and I will tell you what the result is ... I promise some nice photos. Greetings!
  2. Hi guys, I have a question, what lines should I add / modify so that the KC-130 automatically extends the hoses when it reaches a certain height? for example, how does the kc-135 work? I checked the kc-135 data but did not apply the behavior. Greetings and thanks
  3. Those of us who have designed web pages also learned other skills to optimize graphics ... if you use photoshop there is an option to "save for web" in it you can optimize the weight and quality of a jpg to the maximum ... for example textures from AV -8 of jarek ultra mega detailed (4096x4096) I left them converted to 1 mb without losing detail that is noticeable to the naked eye (ah also has a 2-view preview to compare the configuration and there you can be very demanding in your results). .. I converted all its textures and my pc was the happiest XD
  4. Thanks... I hope I am not disappointed with my idea yet (although I may be wrong) ... I don't want to add a fake pilot line to the cockpit ini or something like that ... I just want to add a cockpit element to the external model and move them into the hole ... I do not know if these, when leaving the cockpit open in the data, will be entered in the view of the same, since sometimes they see the refueling probe but here I hope that the 3d is forced into the model ... i don't know if it will work ... i still try
  5. Thanks Jarek for your answer, this is what I plan to do, a small modification (only eye candy) of the cockpit of the mig 29 sm / smp ..., the mdf screen can be given other functions perhaps ... later I upload photos of the 3d in progress
  6. Hello everyone, has someone added a 3d element to an existing cockpit using the false pilot method ??? I want to make a modification to cockpit by putting elements and making them visible through the line "open cockpit = true", but I want to know the experience of some of you
  7. Yakarov's Av8, possibly one of the most difficult to land vertically, here when it takes practice just maneuvering with vector thrust
  8. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Hola Torno fuera de bromas (mi comentario anterior era en el tono sarcástico) lamento que estés pasando por estas situaciones que nos aquejan a todos hoy por hoy... acá en chile estamos iguales o peor y créeme que te entiendo completamente lo duro que es llevar el teletrabajo con el cuidado de hijos, rutinas del hogar y mas encima confinados, como dije por ahí ademas hay que cuidar el trabajo como a un hijo mas porque con esta pandemia no hay economía que aguante ... y menos de este lado del mundo (sudamérica). Mucho animo amigo, esperemos que todo este pase pronto, y veamos nuestro vicio como una terapia para no volvernos unos locos encerrados, obvio siempre que se pueda y los permitan los tiempos. Un abrazo! , (edito) saludos tambien a Aleducat, a Marcos, a Pato y a todos los talentosos moders y entusiastas que viven su pasion entre paternidad, obligaciones y esta locura mundial.
  9. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Naaaaa... largate naaaa nos quedamos con las ganas el pak-fa .... vamos a morir sin ver los mods en nuestras pcs. Como tengo y muchos "tejado de vidrio" popongo que larguemos nuestros mods en una fecha de este mes jajaj nunca sucedera
  10. About 10 years ago, I proposed designing an AWACS mod for SF1 with the B707 CONDOR (IAI 707 PHALCON) in mind ... the idea is to give that feature to a participant for an online game ... using the F-5F technique or the current tonka, could alternate between the cabin and the controller, and for the latter the avionics considered rwr mobile maps, symbols and everything available in the sim for this function, obviously we will not reach as much as a data link, but it would be an entertaining feature for online combat

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