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Afternoon - was curious if anyone had been able to make the F-4's TISEO camera swivel to view the target that it's radar is locked on.  When I try to use the TISEO view, when I cycle through the radar modes, the first thing that happens is the radar breaks lock and begins search sweeps again.  Even if the TISEO would view a locked target, by changing modes you loose your target lock.  Is there a way around this?


Thanks in advance

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I know what you're saying. My guess is TK made  avionics simple for planes, no "memory" to keep the lock for the time you switch back video/TV camera back. The same when you have aTV lock and you pass by the target, the lock is also lost if I remember correctly.  Someone with better connection with TK could tell you more if there is any more info here on this subject.

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