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  1. Afternoon - was curious if anyone had been able to make the F-4's TISEO camera swivel to view the target that it's radar is locked on. When I try to use the TISEO view, when I cycle through the radar modes, the first thing that happens is the radar breaks lock and begins search sweeps again. Even if the TISEO would view a locked target, by changing modes you loose your target lock. Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance
  2. Wrench - thanks for the reply. I've done what you've mentioned except for an 'only PTO' folder. It may have probs but I do like the Hawaii terrain, and I can make my own missions in both of the terrains and then the Japanese show up; it just doesn't work for me in the normal automatically generated Single Missions. Thanks for all the great modding and the help. Now I just need to find a Kate so the IJN can carry some torps. Have a good one
  3. Yes, thanks for the reply. For both terrains its 1940 to 2050.
  4. Morning - I've been able to deceifer some of the code through trial and error, and used the Knowledge Base here, but no luck with this one. For SF2/Wo*, I've downloaded the terrains CentralPacific and Hawaii (SF1). The terrains work, look great, and I can fly around, but no enemy aircraft appear. If I even try to fly an IJN plane, the game crashes to the desktop. I've messed with the Nations INI, made sure I have a carrier so the IJN has an airfield (Zuiho in Ground Objects - and since I can't find an Akagi, I edited the Targets and Types INI's to change Akagi to Zuiho), but I cant get enemy planes into the terrain. Any help much appreciated. Thanks again!
  5. Morning - Does anyone know how to edit the distance from the 'action' you will be from when you either advance to the next action or set the Options Menu to place you close to the action (instead of starting on the runway)? I'd rather pop out 50-80nm from the target to get a radar picture and some situation awareness instead of being dropped into the fray almost immediately. Thanks, and thanks to all the modders/creators/programmers for continuing to put fantastic Wo* items out. Ya'll're giving us home-bound and grounded types something to do and look forward to. B
  6. Does anyone use the TrackIR5 head tracker w SF2 n Win10? Curious n looking for opinions - Thanks!
  7. I think the ThirdWire sim is fantastic - recently upgraded to SF2. But one thing I've been curious about for years: the MiG-23's turning ability in both SF1 and SF2. I like to think I've read a lot about mil aviation, especially Cold War era aircraft. The Flogger didn't have a great reputation. See "Red Eagles" by Davies, among other works. Fast, very fast. But a twitchy bird with poor handling in many flight regimes. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who flew F-4's in the 70's and 80's, and flew against MiG's at various Red Flag exercises. I've spoken to him about it, and he's said it was a early attempt at a BVR fighter; a hit and run slashing bird, not a turning knife fight machine. But in both SF1 and 2, it's there, turning like a pro. Not really complaining as I like the knife fight, but I'm curious since so much effort was made for realism. Any comments from the brain trust would be appreciated. Thanks B
  8. Morning - I just downloaded SF2Europe, and through the Thirdwire webpage, ran the 'SF2 Series Jul 2013 Update'. When I ran it, it said SF2 was up to date and the Update was not needed. Here in the CombatAce SF2 Downloads section, there are numerous patches going back to 2009. The last were when Wrench posted what looks like the Jul 2013 Thirdwire Patch, as well as a HotPatch after it. Do I need any of the older Patches/Updates here, or does the Jul 2013 encompass them all, and I just need the HotPatch? Again, thank you all for the help B
  9. One more question - and thanks. I'm getting a new Win10 machine. I've emailed ThirdWire but gotten no response. Will the SF2 sims listed under the Win7 page work on Win10? Thank You
  10. Thanks! Don't know why I didn't see that but thank you!
  11. Hello - hope ya'll can help - I've been using this great site to mod my WoX Version 1 now for too many years to count. I'm finally getting a new tower for gaming, and wanted to start over with the SF2 series, but when I went to Thirdwire's page, the only downloads I see are for cell phone apps. Am I missing something, or did they get rid of their PC downloads? If so is there a site I can go to to download the SF2 games? Thanks

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