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UH-19 Chickasaw - RCAF

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UH-19 Chickasaw - RCAF

First, go get the SF2 UH-19/HO4S/HRS Chickasaw Upgrade Pack 1.0.0 located here : 


Then per read me : 

SF2 UH-19 Chickasaw RCAF Service

-For SF2 =ONLY= (Full 4/5 Merged Reccomended)

**NOTE: you have to get the sf2_uh19_upgrade_pack in order to make this work as it's not a complete bird that is included, just the files to add the RCAF version.

Royal Canadian Air Force:

No.5 (Helicopter) Operational Training Unit

Copy/Paste the /Objects folder DIRECTLY into the SF2 game install of choice's /Objects folder. It's already divided into the /Aircraft and /Decals sub-folders. 


Credits :

Strahi & his team for bringing us this, my favorite early helicopter!!
a billion sites around the net
Kesselbrut for the cockpit
Florian for the destroyed model
??? for the sound
Wrench for the upgraded pack


Legal :

This is freeware, it =CAN= be redistrubuted, but =NOT= posted on other sites even if the original readmes and all other pieces of the package remain intact. 
The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes.
This package may =NOT= in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. 



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thank you!! 

the only comment I have, is the "RCAFROUNDEL" was set to Level=2, which is for serial numbers and such.  Since that's the national insigina, it should be Level=0. An easy text edit (once the read-only was turned off)

Great job on the skin! :good:


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