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Forum Etiquette

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When posting to our forum please: 

  1. Check if anyone has already asked the question you have and received a reply. Just as you wouldn’t repeat a topic of discussion right after it happened in real life, don’t do that in discussion boards either.
  2. Stay on topic – Don’t post irrelevant links, comments, thoughts, or pictures.
  3. Don’t type in ALL CAPS! If you do, it will look like you’re screaming.
  4. Don’t write anything that sounds angry or sarcastic, even as a joke, because without hearing your tone of voice, other community members might not realize you’re joking.
  5. Always remember to say “Please” and “Thank you” when soliciting help from others.
  6. Respect the opinions of others. If you feel the need to disagree, do so respectfully and acknowledge the valid points of the other's argument. Acknowledge that others are entitled to have their own perspective on the issue.
  7. If you reply to a question, make sure your answer is accurate.
  8. If you ask a question and many people respond, summarize all answers, and post that summary to benefit your whole community.
  9. Be brief. If you draft a long dissertation in response to a simple question, it’s unlikely that anyone will spend the time to read it all.
  10. Don’t badmouth others or call them stupid. You may disagree with their ideas, but don’t mock the person.
  11. If you refer to something someone has said earlier in the discussion, quote just a few key lines from their post so that others won't have to go back and figure out which post you’re referring to.
  12. Before asking a question, check the FAQs or search the internet to see if the answer is obvious or easy to find.
  13. Check the most recent comments before you reply to an older comment, since the issue might have already been resolved or opinions may have changed.
  14. Be forgiving. If someone makes a mistake, don’t badger them for it. Just let it go – it happens to the best of us.
  15. Run a spelling and grammar check before posting anything to the discussion board. It only takes a minute and can make the difference between sounding like a fool and sounding knowledgeable.
  16. Don't PM someone asking for help with questions that should be asked on our forums. 

RULE OF THUMB: If you wouldn’t do or say something in real life, don’t do it online either.

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may I add to be aware that for many here English is not their primary language so they may be wording things in ways that sound like they are demanding help, patience with these members ,especially if they are new, would help avoid trouble and hurt feelings too. 

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There's a difference between a language barrier and being rude in any language.  

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3 hours ago, Erik said:

There's a difference between a language barrier and being rude in any language.  

Agree , my point is many times when someone runs their post through google translation it tends to look rude when in reality there is no intent to do that. I’m 100% for people of any nation  who intentionally are a holes being shown the door or read the riot act though . 

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