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Just an awesome explosion

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Here's a rare picture of an online mission which didn't end well for my friend as his plane exploded into hundred pieces after colliding with an enemy.


rest in peace Frank and thx for being such a great friend!


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    • By VonBeerhofen
      This night screen shows EAWPRO's bullet impact animation routine in action. Impacts can select a short animation within any of the available smoke and fire animations starting from any frame in that animation. I don't know offhand how many available drawings that is but roughly well over 200! This mimics bullets hitting various types of ground or objects and can for instance even use the watersplash animation when hitting a fuel cannister or something simmilar, as can be seen on the left of the screen where also a fire has started after the impact.

      BTW, notice that not all drawings are illuminated at night.

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