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DCS World free F-104 mod with EFM

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While the avionics are still based on FC3 aircraft, the new F-104 mod has a dedicated (presently non-clickable) 3d cockpit and a high fidelity EFM (external flight model). It is a work in progress, but it is already very impressive despite some known bugs/limitations. This is a further development of the VSN F-104G that previously used an SFM (simple flight model) and the F-15C cockpit (it still uses the F-15C avionics). To fly it, you need the F-15C or Flaming Cliffs 3 module. I think there are ground attack versions that use the Su-25T, which means you could fly it for 100% no cost.

Get it here: Ordner: VSN F-104G FC3 EFM - filehorst.de

Release Notes (changes to previous SFM Version and PreRelease-Version):

-Some minor changes (working leading edge flaps) and some changes regarding special sub-variants (CF-104 e.g.)
-changed suspension and hitbox of front wheel

- integration of a 3d-cockpit (non clickable at the moment), licensed from Tolis (HellasPilot)
-widened front-window
-functionality of all aerodynamic instruments in the cockpit (frontal instrument panel) except: pressure (hydraulic and oil), ground-speed-error-indicator, stand-alone bank-indicator, radar-altimeter, oxygen supply,
-no functionality of right- and left side-console
-passiv functionality of pylon-lights, gun-switch, light-switch, gear-lever, flap-lever, throttle, flap-indicator, stick and rudder-pedals
-working red-flood lights
-working drag-chute-handle
-functionality of warning/indicator box (right hand side, bottom)
-HUD functionality via FC3 (F15C/Su25T)
-Radar/"T-Pod" functionality via FC3  (F15C/Su25T)
-working mirrors
-slightly elevated seat-position to match real pilot positioning
-revised and major overhaul of cockpit textures by GlobalHawk/VB6

-EFM integrated with thanks to JNelson, TheRealHarold and A4-Team
-Database NASA CR-2144
known EFM shortcomings:
-acceleration SL to 10kft at about 30% to fast, above 10kft acceleration at about 60% to fast 
-TopSpeeds about 3-10% off depending on altitude 
-drag- and thrust-profile clean/TipTanks/full load-out not 100% accurate

New Liveries by Jocko417 and Soulfreak

New main-menu, loading-screen, briefing-screen and sign By Yogi. 



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