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new movie ind. Pallywood

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all i can say, they are f**king lying idiots :P


too bad they dont have real accidents in the scenes :yes:






the truth shall sen u free :victory:



another thing, i wanna say sorry for all the good men and women lost in Iraq from the various millitary branches of the U.S


yesterday was the 2000th soldier killed in action the same day terror struck in Hedera


the "funny" thing that he was injured last week only to die and be the 2000 person killed


stay strong guys, and safe!

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Hi Nesher, whats up man.


I'm not to often in this forum, but I find your posts interesting.


Of course I shere your fillings with the American people for there losses of life in Iraq. What heapend in


Hadera just go'es to show that what is heapaning here in Israel is part of the all out war the Islamic world


wages on the free world. So let the free world know.


Its not that the palestinian people want to have there rights (state of there own) alongside Israel, thay


want us wiped out, gone, obliterated.


Thats it I said what was on my mind. :)


see you later pal, and stay safe you hear?


Bye now.

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thanks for the response...

i hope everyone downloading this clip

very important to show to the world


stay safe as well buddy..!

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This website is not a place to speak out on any poilitical and religious nature. CombatAce is a website that support Combat Simulations. The link has been removed. Sorry Nesher, I'm sure everyone is well aware of the situations in the middle east.... This closure is simply to overt any flame war on these forums.



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