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  1. Jug Has Passed Away

  2. מה כולם

    דוברי העברית עזבו נראה.
  3. Nesher, Wilco, Guyran, Mannie

    What always make me mad, is that when we have to fight Hamas, the world is setting a stage for that fight, where Israel is say a soccer team while Hamas is lets say a football team Its not the same game. not the same set of rules. Its a mismatch. While the Hamas launches there rockets blindly at anything in Israel, looking for a kill. any kill, Israel has to max its effort to minimize collateral damage. What kind of a fair fight is this? Bless the lord we had "Iron dome". I don't want to think of the outcome if we didn't have this system. After saying all this. I like to thank you guys for your support.
  4. Still, I must say, it is a nice little game to have on my smartphone, so I can play it while I'm outside and away from my PC. :) And I've been doing just that the last 2 days. :)
  5. @Lexx_Luthor. Enjoy your new S3. Its a super machine. I just love it. :) As for the game. I have already got all the top notch western jets. F-14A, F-15A, F-15C and F-16A. I would have loved to see the A-4 in.
  6. First. I like this game/App. Its a fun little game for smartphones/tablets. I didn't expect it to be a "sim", but as a "time killer" its pretty nice. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, and it runs as smooth as butter. :) One thing I have noticed. Its a battery guzzler, this game.
  7. 4th of July

    Happy birthday USA !!! Have a good one :)
  8. Well. i guess this is it Or. All the best son. Have a great life. May the sun shine a light on you and your from tomorrow wife Inbal. I've got to get to the idea that I'll be Grand daddy soon. :)
  9. My son is getting married tomorrow.

    My son's, Or wedding day yesterday 06/25/2012 :drinks:
  10. My son is getting married tomorrow.

    תודה גיא.
  11. My son is getting married tomorrow.

    I don't know how or why you missed this. It don't metter. Thank you my dear friend.
  12. My son is getting married tomorrow.

    Thank you Matt. :drinks:
  13. My son is getting married tomorrow.

    Thank you again friends. :drinks: Cheers !!! HAHAHAHAHA boy, did I need this.
  14. My son is getting married tomorrow.

    For sure my friend. For sure. :) Both on facebook and on here. :)
  15. My son is getting married tomorrow.

    Yep. Im old. No doubt about it. :))
  16. My son is getting married tomorrow.

    Thank you my friends for all your good wishes. I liked to give a "like" to all but I was limited for the day. Sorry about that.
  17. Which (Non-Sims) are you playing?

    Angry birds. :lol:
  18. happy independence day Israel .

    We are 64 years old. :drinks:

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