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No Bad Guys in Angola Terrain

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I just did a single intercept mission for Angola.  The enemy aircraft in the briefing indicated they were Mirage IIIs bombing.  However, after the game launched, I was the only Mirage flying around next to my wingman.  No bandits, nothing.  I went into the nations INI file and confirmed only Angola was the enemy nation.  However, multiple aircraft in that area Angola would fly were marked exported with a start and end year within the parameters of the game.


What's going on?

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I went into nations INI and eliminated the Start Date for Angola.  Now I have MIG-15s with China decals, yet I have a MIG-17F with Angolan camo the game doesn't want to recognize.

Next questions:

1) How do you force the game to use an aircraft that is exportable, and has a dedicated nation camo?

2) My Nations INI file is in the Flight folder within the mod folders.  Is this correct?

3) Why is China and Russia showing in Angola when the Angola Nations INI terrain file does not show them as enemies?


Angola Terrain file shows limited nations as below:


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Purely at the top of my head after only a few hours of sleep... so, grain of salt and all that.

To determine which plane to spawn the game searches for planes that :

- Have the required range for the mission assigned.

- Are capable of the mission assigned.

- Belong to a nation assigned to the map or, failing that, are marked Exported to the right side (Enemy or Friendly).

- Has compatible Start and End dates (either specific to the nation, or as export).

- Succeeds at a random roll based on their availability, if the enemy nation only has one VERY_RARE plane type available, they will hardly show, if they're VERY_COMMON, they will usually show.

That's for the plane showing up or not part.

For the skin part, we'd need to see the INIs, my guess is that there's no specific Angolan skin for the MiG-15 so it uses the first export client for the ENEMY side, which happens to be China ?

At times it pays to be hyper specific in your INI definitions, or duplicate planes in order to have granular control over what shows up, where and when, but it can become a pain in the backside.


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