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  1. Try United if you want a colon cleanse. Enough said.
  2. The P-8 is like a weaponized Southwest Airlines and it's incredibly insidious. When is it coming to SF2?
  3. Hi, I recently downloaded the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. I'm having issues trying to get the carrier to appear as both a target and as a launching point for Russian carrier ops. Any recommendations on how to fix this in all terrains? thx
  4. Hi, I have a merged install with the Angola map. I noticed the Mirage IIICZ in the SAAF pack requires the stock Mirage 3CZ downloadable aircraft. However, does anyone know if the 3C from SF2I is compatible with the 3CZ skin?
  5. I went into nations INI and eliminated the Start Date for Angola. Now I have MIG-15s with China decals, yet I have a MIG-17F with Angolan camo the game doesn't want to recognize. Next questions: 1) How do you force the game to use an aircraft that is exportable, and has a dedicated nation camo? 2) My Nations INI file is in the Flight folder within the mod folders. Is this correct? 3) Why is China and Russia showing in Angola when the Angola Nations INI terrain file does not show them as enemies? Angola Terrain file shows limited nations as below: LimitedNations=TRUE
  6. I just did a single intercept mission for Angola. The enemy aircraft in the briefing indicated they were Mirage IIIs bombing. However, after the game launched, I was the only Mirage flying around next to my wingman. No bandits, nothing. I went into the nations INI file and confirmed only Angola was the enemy nation. However, multiple aircraft in that area Angola would fly were marked exported with a start and end year within the parameters of the game. What's going on?
  7. Hello, I reinstalled FastCargo's F-35s last night and noticed that all variants have a clipping issue involving the canopy frame. The frame will either flicker, or completely be missing altogether. I suspect it's a POV and rendering issue that may need to be adjusted. Any ideas where to look? Similarly, I have the same issue with airfields in the Libya map.
  8. This is a 2 part issue and now it's resolved. The graphics settings indicated it was running off the Intel GPU. I corrected this and now it's running off my Nvidia. You can tell it is way smoother now too! The J-31 I installed was causing the game to go black screen. Moving the folder out of the mod folder and excluding it also resolved the black screen in 21st century single missions. That is weird.
  9. Last mod I dropped in was the Indian ocean campaign and a China J-31. May back those out and see what happens.
  10. This is the first time I have run SF2 on a laptop. It's a Lenovo Y700. Was a great gaming laptop back in 2016....
  11. Sorry if this thread triggered some discord. I didn't know this was pirated until I received a PM about it. If necessary, I will request closure of this thread by moderator.
  12. Hey Eric, I just got the GeForce Experience app to work. I'm updating to driver 511.23 as I type this. Is this the driver you are on too?
  13. Hello, I receive an occasional black screen on loading that occurs 70% in. I've researched the forums and the cause was related to another version of Nvidia drivers. The random black screen leaves me confused as to where to start. Any help would be appreciated. As an FYI - this is a full merged install with an effects update downloaded from the mods section. Thanks!
  14. Fixed. Caused by crappy NVidia video card on my gaming laptop. Reducing graphics down to High from Unlimited fixed it.

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