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  1. WTR, my family knew a Thud driver a long time ago. We met him at San Diego Air and Space museum when I was a little kid. This was when I first found out about the F-105. The G model has always been my favorite among the generation of Wild Weasels.
  2. I asked this question on SF1 more than a decade ago. Now that I play SF2, has anyone attempted to make a flight model with functioning bay doors? The Discovery Channel Wings episode on the Thud said the bay doors retracted into the fuselage so no nuke would bang into it on the way out. I know we all love a good bang but not one that gives you a one way ticket to St. Peter.
  3. Lands good on a runway, but just seems more fun landing it on a dot in the ocean, raising the canopy and trying to park it on an elevator without sleeping with the fishes
  4. Damping factor of 6 for the front and 8 for the rear is perfect. I can now land it
  5. Played around with damping factor and that seemed to resolve it somewhat. Rather than bouncing it yaws severely to the right and right off the boat.
  6. I'm experiencing a heavy wheel hop or bounce when landing the F4D-1 on a carrier. This puppy bounced into a parked flight line like sorority girls jumping on trampolines. Now I know the Skyray was a bit unstable but man what a ride .. How do you reduce this hop or bounce in the flight model?
  7. I dialed down the explosive mass so that way I'm not in orbit escaping to see the fireball. Much better now. Thanks!
  8. Ugh found my issue and it was a rookie mistake. When I added the line in for the cockpit data file, there was an extra 'o'. Good Lord my age is starting to show Thanks Wrench and everyone. Gonna have to reread the knowledgebase again
  9. Hi, I have the Super Starfighter Mega Pack and DLC28. I redownloaded both, and I still cannot get the F-104A and C's using TW's LODs flyable. I checked the DLC28 with the Cat Extractor, but there are no lods in it. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Finally got the nuclear weapons into my mod folder along with Stary and Lex's effects. Using either KT003 MT003, or nukeexplosion effect does not produce a fireball as I'm flying away from it. If I turn toward it, I will see smoke as I fly within 15nm of the explosion. Why is that? It's as if the distance is reduced in seeing some effects.
  11. It's working. But with the Varyag. Kuznetsov data file must be broken somehow. I just downloaded the newest Varyag file and dropped it in the Ground Objects within the mod folder. It pops up in 2015. So I know my install isn't broken now....just Kuznetsov.
  12. where would I finds the options.ini file?
  13. Alright. I'm giving up. I set Kuztnetsov end year to 2060 and It won't appear in 2005, well within start year.... Won't work on Kuril, Kamchatka, even north atlantic.
  14. Thank you everyone. Will give it a try....

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